Where to eat and what's new in Singapore: An all-new Whitegrass, Burger & Lobster at Jewel Changi Airport and JYPSY's new menu

Where to eat and what's new in Singapore: An all-new Whitegrass, Burger & Lobster at Jewel Changi Airport and JYPSY's new menu

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Text: Marielle Solano Aravin Sandran Crystal Lee

Where we dined this week...

Burger & Lobster

For the uninitiated, London's Burger & Lobster chain is what we'd like to call a big deal. It has nine restaurants in its home country, two in New York, and five more around the world — the latest of which had recently opened at the buzzy Jewel Changi Airport. Just like the other outlets across the globe, the menu consists mainly of burgers (including an Impossible rendition for those who love the meat-free patty), lobsters (steamed or grilled ), and just one lobster roll. There are also two sides (grilled king prawns and fried sunflowered artichoke) and a handful of standard sides to choose from (sautéed mushrooms, fries, chips, salad). It's all very straightforward; the restaurant doesn't beat the drums about its crustaceans, nor does it get technical on the ground beef. Not impressed? How about if you knew that lines still form outside of its restaurants worldwide, eight years on? More importantly, what if we told you you're looking at generous portions, at reasonable prices, on your table? Their lobster roll may not be the cheapest in town, but for $40 you get a perfectly toasted brioche roll overflowing with fresh-as, chilled lobster chunks tossed in just the right amount of creamy Japanese mayo. If you're carbs-averse, go for the full lobster — we recommend steamed as it's slightly juicier — and feel your heart swell when you take a firm bite out of the sweet, sweet crustacean that comes right off its shell with zero effort. If you're feeling fancy, the Jewel branch has a sambal glazed lobster that is drenched in tangy and spicy red-hot sauce that you can lap up with toasted brioche slices. The Mayfair, which we tried, is thick with all the works (you know, pickles, onions, tomato slice, brioche bun, grilled Nebraskan beef patty and always a special house sauce), and great for those who love a big, bad, umami-rich burger. Now, if we had to choose between lobster or burger, it's the former (and lobsters need no explanation), but thankfully you won't have to choose unless you're dining alone: take the Original Combo which has two burgers, one lobster, chips, salad and a dessert for a price tag of $110. —CL

Burger & Lobster

Hero dish: Original Lobster
Estimate calorie count: 677

#05-203 Jewel, 78 Airport Boulevard
Opening hours: (Mon-Sun) 9am-3am


There's no better treat than visiting a little slice of Paris in the midst of the bustling city of Singapore. One foot in Antoinette submerges you in class, opulence, and most importantly, the sweet aromas of baking baguettes and braised stews. Chef Pang, the culinary mastermind behind Antoinette's new menu, turns his creativity to more classic French cuisine with his bistro-style mains and, of course, introduces his debutante: soufflé pancakes, the belle of the ball. Finally, the feast begins — first with a sandwich (that isn't just a sandwich, mind you; it's called a schiacciata in their books). With chewy flatbread made from scratch, its bite complements the camembert, pecorino and truffle stuffed in it to produce a toasted slice of heaven in your mouth. Then, our favorite main: the wagyu beef cheek tagliatelle dish, with truffle foam above al dente pasta and ground beef. 'Nuff said. Now for the main event — they started off our soufflé pancake journey with a savoury flavor (the Forestiere), where the light, airy, meringue-textured pancake was served with creamy mushroom sauce and a bunch of our favorite fungi: button, shimeji, and shiitake. An array of sweet pancakes followed, and they were all ludicrously good, but a special mention goes to the ondeh ondeh; the same melt-on-your-tongue pancakes filled with pandan custard and garnished with gula melaka syrup, giving it an iconic and appetising green finish. Looking for dessert? Antoinette's latest also features a selection of new cakes, from aptly-named Fluffy (a cake straight from up above, designed like the clouds and tasting like vanilla goodness fit for gods) to other local-inspired creations like the earl grey bubble tea, a fun ogura cake that captures the richness of earl grey tea with appropriate tapioca pearls and fresh mango cubes stacked on top, mimicking the look of the extensively-loved bubble tea beverage. —MS

Wagyu Beef Cheek Tagliatelle, topped with truffle foam

Hero dish: Wagyu Beef Cheek Tagliatelle
Estimate calorie count: 431

30 Penhas Road (off Lavender Street), Singapore 208188
Opening hours: (Mon-Thurs) 11am-10pm, (Fri & Eve of PH) 11am-11pm, (Sat) 10am-11pm, (Sun & PH) 10am-10pm


A lesser-known standalone concept by the gourmet group that brought us the uber-successful PS.Cafe, JYPSY opened its doors in the bougie neighbourhood of Robertson Quay back in July last year. Starting in April this year, it has extended its shareable hot and cold plates as well as day bowls to include a mid-day menu of hearty standalone dishes that have been conceived with the famished — and time-starved — lunch crowd in mind. Exclusive to this menu, JYPSY's chirashi bowls promise to satiate the most hangriest of white-collar professionals with its premium toppings and comforting Kubota rice base. There are three options to pick from: cali picked crab, kara-age deep fried chicken and tempura snapper. We opted for the tempura snapper, which had pretty surprising mouth feel. Dressed up with a green tea tartar, the crunch of the light and crisp tempura was juxtaposed with pillow-soft shredded egg omelette and pearlescent baubles of flying fish roe that erupted like salty geysers on the roof of our palette. That being said, we hear that the kara-age fried chicken hits the spot just as impressively with its heavier flavours of spicy shichimi furikake and green yuzu pepper. While a chirashi bowl offers the efficiency of a hit-and-run meal, the all-new katsu sando guarantees a more indulgent satisfaction. Beautifully golden-fried Iberico pork cutlets lie between petite white bread sandwiches that have been jazzed up with Japanese barbecue miso sauce. To cut through all that grease and saltiness, the katsu sando is served with a refreshing shredded cabbage pile and grilled shishito pepper. If all of the above sounds a little too pedestrian for your highbrow palates, you'll be happy to know that the lunchtime menu features the decadent Tajima beef fried rice. Melt-in-your-mouth finely grilled wagyu beef sits atop a hill of umami-rich kombu (Japanese kelp) butter fried rice, alongside mix vegetable pickles. —AS


Hero dish: Tajima beef fried rice
Estimate calorie count: 798.16

Jypsy's lunchtime menu is available daily from 11:30am to 4pm.
38A, 01-02 Martin Rd, Tel: 6708 9288
Opening hours: 11.30am-4pm, 5.30pm-11pm

Where we're looking to dine...

Rumours Bar & Grill

We heard rumours... that Jewel Changi Airport has yet another prime location to satisfy some food and drink cravings. Rumours Bar & Grill claims to deliver a mean beef dish featuring A5 Grade Wagyu Kumamoto, and we'd love to see that wonderful marbling in person. They also serve some cheekily-named cocktails that we're only slightly more excited for — because alcohol. Two Boyfriends? Yes, please. (We mean their original concoction of the harmony of plum and apple fruitiness added to a creamy shot of sweet Baileys, of course...)

Rumours Bar & Grill's selection of burgers, steaks, and bar bites

#05-207, Jewel Changi Airport 
Opening hours: 10am-3am


Something new is on the horizon. Whitegrass is reopening its doors (after the departure of Sam Aisbett) to connoisseurs who want to experience fine dining with exquisitely unique French-Japanese cuisine. The new head chef, after all, is Takuya Yamashita – Nara prefecture born-and-raised. Specialising in classical French cuisine, his "La Cuisine Naturelle" cooking ideology is set to win our hearts (and bellies), with techniques extracting the brightest flavours through his deep, intimate knowledge of ingredients. From Kyushu fish expertly cooked into an Ikejime dish to time-honoured French platters of Bresse pigeon, we can't wait to personally witness chef Yamashita's finesse on a plate.

Bresse Pigeon from Whitegrass at CHIJMES

30 Victoria Street, #01-26/27 CHIJMES, Singapore 187996
Opening hours: (Tue-Sat) 6pm-9pm

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*All calorie tabulations are derived from MyFitnessPal and are estimated per serving.

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