Where to buy freshly roasted coffee beans for your home brews

Where to buy freshly roasted coffee beans for your home brews

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Text: Annabelle Teo

With most of us now working from home, the morning coffee run may have been temporarily scrapped from our daily routines. Still, that doesn't mean a good cup is out of reach. Having good beans is half the battle won, and with some of our best local roasters offering delivery, making your own quality home brews is only about a few clicks away.

Whether or not you have an espresso machine at home, there are a number of ways to make your own coffee, and these cafe retailers also carry brewing equipment that are affordable and take up minimal space in your kitchen. If you don't have a coffee grinder, ask for your coffee to be ground for you. Nothing beats freshly ground coffee though, so a hand grinder is a good investment that doesn't neccessarily warrant a huge hole in your pocket.

Not sure where to start? Most of their websites include handy tips on homebrewing if you need some guidance. Once you get the hang of the basic technique, it's easy (and highly satisfying) to make great coffee on your own. Potentially, a new favourite morning ritual to start the day strong.

Common Man Coffee Roasters

A champion of developing the local coffee scene since its inception, Common Man Coffee Roasters offers the largest range of coffees on this list. Their webstore currently carries four blends such as the CMCR Espresso (floral, richdark fruit flavours) and 22 Martin (hazelnut, toffee, chocolate flavours), which are served at their cafes, plus a range of single origins including some exceptionally high-scoring limited releases under their Uncommon collection.You'll also find brewing gear such as the Kalita Wave Ceramic and Porlex Mini Hand Grinder, as well as drinkware to enjoy your morning cup in.

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Blends and single origins from $16 for 250g
Delivery is free for orders above $50, otherwise $4/$7 for standard/express shipping

Dutch Colony Coffee Co

Having started out as a coffee stall at a local farmer's market, Dutch Colony Coffee Co now operates three outlets around Singapore. Their web store carries a range of blends and single origins, some of which are available exclusively online. Popular beans include the Dutch Blend (stone fruit, citrus, milk chocolate), Fazenda Trapia from Brazil (caramelised almond, dark honey, cocoa), and Kochere Banco Gotete from Ethiopia (wild berries, citrus, stone fruit). Look out for their Limited Release coffees, which are stand-out beans picked for their special characteristics. They also carry a range of brew equipment and accessories.

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Blends and single origins from $18 for 250g
For the month of May, shipping for orders above $18 is free with the 'STAYHOME' code, otherwise delivery usually ranges from $4-8

Homeground Coffee Roasters

An advocate of the pleasures of home brewing, Homeground Coffee Roasters keeps it interesting for its customers by refreshing its selection of retail coffee every three to four weeks. Crowd favourites include Vanta with classic roasted nut and chocolate notes; Lollipop V2 with buttery, brown sugar flavours; and single origin Las Margaritas from Colombia, which has complex notes of mint, cardamom and green apple gummy. In addition to their substantial range of brewing equipment, they've introduced their Circuit Breaker Cold Brew Kit ,which allows you to easily batch brew your own refreshingly cold coffee with a kick.

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Blends from $17 for 250g; single origins from $10 for 100g
Delivery is currently free for orders over $42, otherwise $3.90 for standard shipping

PPP Coffee

Formerly known as Papa Palheta, PPP Coffee is a rebrand of one of the OGs of Singapore's third wave coffee scene, and it also runs Chye Seng Huat Hardware (CSHH). Highlights on its online store, which offers a range of beans and brewing equipment, include the Nuts & Bolts and Terra Firma blends. Fans of CSHH would be familiar with the fruit-forward and full-bodied Nuts & Bolts, as it's a staple at the cafe. Terra Firma is full of stone fruit and chocolate flavours, and a bonus is $2 from every bag sold goes towards PPP's chosen charity, St Andrew's Autism Centre. Great as a gift or a starter kit for yourself is the Brew-at-Home Care Kit, which bundles your choice of brewing equipment, coffee, and a coffee grinder.

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Blends from $18 for 250g; single origins from $10.50 for 125g
Free shipping for orders over $50, otherwise ranges from $5-7

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