Wes Anderson-inspired Christmas gifts for the foodie

Wes Anderson-inspired Christmas gifts for the foodie

Steve Zissou would approve

Text: Denise Kok

Whimsical, off-kilter, and pastel-perfect, these gifts wouldn't look out of place in the mise en scène of a Wes Anderson film

1. Smeg Toaster

smeg toaster

Reminiscent of classic toasters from the '50s, this Smeg beauty not only sits pretty, but toasts your bread to six levels of browning. For those who can't part with their breakfast bagel, you'll find extra wide slots to cradle your bagels while they get toasted to perfection. 

Available from Smeg

2. Dancing Kueh Stool

Dancing kueh stool

Here's a sight the '80s kids might remember: The kueh lady balancing a wooden rod on her shoulder, with baskets of kueh swaying on each end as she makes her way around the neighbourhood. These adorable teak stools are inspired by this very scene, but given a modern makeover with kueh graphics adorning the cushions.  

Available from ONLEWO

3. Johnnie Walker House Exclusive Collection — Global Edition

Johnny walker whisky

Illustrators Good Wives and Warriors skin the signature Johnnie Walker square bottle with their fantastical drawings of all things celebrating travel and adventure. The all-white background recalls the classic white Christmas landscape, encasing what else but Johnnie Walker's Blue Label whisky shining with notes of honey, kumquats, and dark chocolate. 

To purchase the collection, please contact Johnnie Walker

4. Miniature Food Sculpting Workshop: The Gingerbread Fellow Edition

christmas gifts singapore food wes anderson

Miniature food models are a big thing right now. These zero-calorie creations might look deceptively simple to make, but newbies are better off taking instructions from the pros themselves. Get your miniature food crafting skills going with a gingerbread fellow workshop by AiClay. The class will see you making the 'biscuit base' before mixing your favourite shades of icing to decorate your little fellows. Perfect as a tiny fridge magnet or Christmas tree ornament. 

This special workshop takes place on 18 December with AiClay

5. Roti Prata Motion Postcard

roti prata gif

Before Boomerangs invaded our Instagram feeds, there were motion postcards — and this analog real-life GIF of the prata man doing what he does best is the perfect postcard for your foodie friend. Scribble your greetings — or better still, your favourite recipe — on the flip side before dropping this in the mailbox. 

Available from Naiise