Watch: Antoinette's chef-owner Pang Kok Keong makes Cantonese rice soup, with an easy recipe to follow

Comfort in a bowl

Text: Janice Sim

There's something about a bowl of rice soup that elicits the purest form of warmth, comfort, and hopefully joy (when done right). For that, we tap on chef Pang of Antoinette, who returns to his roots in this episode of our home invasion. And while we can count on the meek chef to deliver on French crepes and souffles, we can equally count on him to do right by his heritage. Keen to get cracking yourself? Pang demonstrates how to cook Cantonese rice soup above. Essentially the one-pot dish you need on a rainy day...

Recipe for Pang's Teochew rice soup
Serves 2

Here's what you need

1 and 1/2 cloves of Chopped Garlic
1 tspn Preserved Vegetable
80g Minced Fatty Pork (marinated with some fish sauce and pepper)
1/2 Dried Sole Fish
5 Fresh Prawns (diced)
60g Hairy Gourd
1 tspn Fried Shallots (with oil)
500ml-800ml Chicken Stock
2 servings of Cooked Rice
A bunch of Round Spinach
Spring Onion
Cooking Oil
Fish Sauce
Chinese Cooking Wine
Sesame Oil

How to make it:

1. Toast the dried sole fish in a toaster for about 3 to 4 minutes till nice and toasty, to be reserved for later use.
2. In a wok, heat up some oil and fry the garlic till fragrant and lightly brown.
3. Add chicken stock, bring to a simmer.
4. Add preserved vegetable. Add hairy gourd. Add cooked rice.
5. Spoon some hot broth over the minced pork and break it apart, add into the wok.
6. Add prawns. Season with fish sauce, chinese cooking wine and pepper.
7. Add sole fish pieces. Cooked till the rice are slightly puffy (shows that it has absorbed the stock).
8. Drizzle some sesame oil into the serving bowl.
9. Add spinach leaves and stir well, remove from heat and spoon into the serving bowl.
10. Sprinkle some spring onion and chopped coriander. Drizzle some fried shallot oil before serving.

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