Add a little Nyonya spice to your reunion dinners with Violet Oon Singapore

Add a little Nyonya spice to your reunion dinners with Violet Oon Singapore

Peranakan influences

Text: Janice Sim

New additions for the same old traditions

Gather around and have an extra long pair of chopsticks at bay, because it's about time for the festive yu sheng toss. In our opinion, it's one of the main reasons why we look forward to Chinese New Year. After all, the lively tradition is all about releasing blessings after blessings unto our family members and friends (while tossing food carelessly into the air)— the more, the merrier.

Looking to change things up a little? Violet Oon Singapore introduces a delightful Nyonya spin to spruce up your CNY lunches and dinners. Their nyonya salmon yu sheng champions the key ingredients of aromatic kaffir lime leaves, julienned green mangoes, and pink ginger flowers — all Violet Oon's personal favourites that are also representative of Nyonya cuisine. A tropical kick to our favourite ritual this auspicious season? Yes, please.

Violet Oon Chinese New Year

Additionally, in place of the classic nian gao (year cake), their signature gula melaka rum cake lets on a piquant combination of gula melaka pengat sauce, rich caramel, and coconut notes, plus a generous dash of rum for a much-needed zing. These will definitely score you additional points from your future in-laws — plan ahead and make your orders now.

Orders for the Nyonya Salmon Yu Sheng must be placed one day in advance while orders for the Gula Melaka Rum Cake must be placed three days in advance. Make a reservation by calling 9834 9935.