This may be the oldest, low-dosage champagne you've ever tasted

This may be the oldest, low-dosage champagne you've ever tasted

One of a kind

Text: Clara Tan

Veuve Clicquot launches its first low-dosage, ultra-dry cuvée

What makes a great champagne?

Age? Of course. Appearance? It better be crystal clear. Taste? Well, that usually depends if you have a sweet tooth or not. But for those who love a bone dry, rich and preserved fine cuvée, Veuve Clicquot has the answer with their brand new auteur wine, Extra Brut Extra Old. The prestigious house's latest formula is the clever creation from their cellar master, Dominique Demarville — drawn only from a blend of reserve wines from 1988 to 2010, all aged a minimum of three years in the vats, and another three years of maturation in the cellars. So that's six years (or more) of production and a lifetime of brilliant champagne. Think Veuve Clicquot's iconic Yellow Label in terms of purity, with the addition of a double aged vibrancy and depth.


Don't be mistaken by the 'Extra Brut' in its name — which typically means dry with no perception of sweetness — because while it does contain a very low dosage of sugar (3g, to be exact), this light gold beauty also showcases an intense burst of ripe stone fruits punctuated with candied citrus. A flute of this beauty proves smooth with a mild effervescence. Easy to drink, and easier to pair. We love it with mild, delicate dishes — although it doesn't do badly with richer foods as well.

Flavourful, mature sparkling wine that doesn't come with a sinful price tag? We'll get one more flute, thanks.

Vueve Clicquot Extra Brut Extra Old is can be purchased exclusively through Cru World Wine