Urban farming takes root in Dempsey Hill with the arrival of Open Farm Community

Urban farming takes root in Dempsey Hill with the arrival of Open Farm Community

Green awakening

Text: Denise Kok

Dempsey Hill's answer to Bollywood Veggies

The farm-to-table concept is nothing new, but the latest restaurant to open at Dempsey Hill looks set to paint the town green, what with its 35,000 square feet space housing an impressive urban farm that makes the herb gardens of other restaurants look almost decorative.

Open Farm Community

A collaborative effort between the Spa Esprit Group, chef Ryan Clift, and Edible Garden City, the restaurant at Open Farm Community will turn out dishes incorporating plenty of herbs and vegetables, some of which are freshly harvested from the farm itself. Expect to find such dishes as pumpkin and parsley risotto; and broccoli and sugar snap peas tossed in pine nuts, feta, and mint. They also serve up cocktails by the jug, great for sharing if you're dining with friends or family. In need of a caffeine fix? You'll find a coffee bar fuelled by Common Man Coffee Roasters on site.

The green-thumbed amongst us can take a post-meal walk around the farm to discover the array of vegetables and herbs growing in the space. If you run into one of the two full-time farmers tending to the plants, you might just score a little lesson on urban farming, too. Otherwise, keep an eye out for farming workshops and events set to take place within Open Farm Community. Speaking about the launch of Open Farm Community, Cynthia Chua, founder of Spa Esprit Group said: "We are but scratching the surface of what could be at the moment, but I hope that by taking this first steps to making local urban farming accessible to the public, it will inspire an agricultural movement that will take us, quite literally, back to our roots."

Open Farm Community. 130E Minden Road. Tel: 6471 0306