Underground artisanal pizza joints in Singapore: Chooby Pizza, 4am Pizza, and more

Underground artisanal pizza joints in Singapore: Chooby Pizza, 4am Pizza, and more

Slice of heaven

Text: Jeway Tan

Editor: Janice Sim

Just like how New Yorkers have their claim on the humble slice of pizza, we here in Singapore, too have our slice of the pie. And it's getting pretty crowded  on our tiny island — pizza joint wise, but not that we're complaining. From the unfailing Pepperoni Pizzeria to the obscure Blue Label, there's never any trouble in devouring a decent savoury pie on our shores. And it's only about to get easier with these underground joints, some of which have already garnered a good reputation, and others, soon to be opened. Here's the lowdown on these specialised pizza spots.

Chooby Pizza

Founded in Old Hen's very own kitchen, you will never expect to find a pizza joint in this coffee spot. All orders here at Chooby's can only be secured on a reservation basis — with pies made from handmade Napoli-styled sourdough pizzas that go through 20 hours of fermentation. These pizza doughs are first hand-stretched and topped with all kinds of toppings before being baked in a Roccbox Oven at a minimum of 400℃. Try out classic flavours like the Margherita or Pepperoni, or if you are feeling adventurous, give their Spice Coconut Chicken a taste test.


127 Owen Road, Tel: 8923 9814
Opening Hours: (Wed-Fri) 6pm-9pm


Great things come in small packages — or in the case of Small's, great grub comes in a small cavern. The elusive brainchild of chef-owner of Artichoke and Masterchef Singapore judge Bjorn Shen, Small's sits as a pizza omakase inspired by Shen's favourite pizza spot in Tokyo. Here you can get a 10-course pizza omakase meal, made from a Neapolitan-style dough that has been aged for at least four days — with a minimum party group of four. Ready your appetite for newfangled items like the Unicorn Donut, Raw Tuna and California Roll.


115 King George's Ave, #02-02 
Booking starts at 12pm on the first day of every month.

Click here to book.

4.a.m Pizza

Opening soon at Siloso Rd in Sentosa, this artisanal pizza joint is a place worth waiting for. The pizzas here are not exactly the typical pizzas you can find anywhere. Expect to find interesting toppings like squid ink, kaya and butter, crab curry, atop of pies finished off in a Moretti oven.

80 Siloso Rd

P. is for Pizza

This new gem of a pizza joint operates on a reservation, and dine-in basis only — meaning the only way you can get a taste of their pizzas is by slipping into their Instagram DMs. Their pizzas are made with handmade dough that has been fermented for three days, topped with tons of different ingredients and baked at 450℃ with various types of firewood.


Takeaway only. 18 Mohamed Sultan Rd, 01-01
Opening hours: 5pm-10pm (Mon- Thurs), 5pm-11pm (Fri-Sun). Closed on Tuesday