TWG Tea dedicates four exclusive tea blends to the Ritz Paris

TWG Tea dedicates four exclusive tea blends to the Ritz Paris

Savoir faire

Text: Buro. Singapore

Image: TWG Tea

Parisian-inspired teas pay homage to the Ritz Paris and the sparkling capital of France

The Ritz Paris is a veritable institute in the City of Lights. Coco Chanel called it her home from 1937 to 1971, Marcel Proust partied there, and Maria Callas filled its storied walls with her beautiful voice. Homegrown tea company TWG Tea has also woven itself into the hotels history by gracing beverage menus across the Ritz Paris' restaurants and rooms. Now, in an exclusive collaboration, TWG Tea has created four exclusive tea blends for the Ritz Paris. Created with fruits, flowers, and spices, the blends are amongst the most fragrant of teas, with the intent of taking tea-lovers on a trip through the City of Lights.

The four flavours, Ritz Earl Grey, Jardin Vendôme, L'Hiver au Ritz, and Vendôme are each unique in their bouquet of tea leaves. The Ritzy Earl Grey takes a spin on the classic blend with the introduction of rare Yin Zhen white tea and French blue cornflowers. Those who enjoy black tea will enjoy the L'Hiver au Ritz, which sees rich vanilla, warm spices, and ripe berries colouring a malty blend of black tea. Jardin Vendôme combines green tea with chamomile and wildflowers while Vendôme is a theine-free red tea blended with sweet spieces and rare citrus. 

The Ritz Paris Tea Collection is served throughout the Ritz Paris and is available now in select TWG Tea Boutiques in Singapore and around the world.