This limited edition Hennessy X.O bottle is a true collector's item

This limited edition Hennessy X.O bottle is a true collector's item

Going for gold

Text: Denise Kok

Magic happens when design maestro Tom Dixon is tasked to reinvent the iconic Hennessy X.O bottle

British designer Tom Dixon has quite the knack for enlivening a space with his beautiful objets d'art. Be it his sleek copper brew set or lust-worthy stationery, each product that emerges from his studio sees a studied measure of form laced with interpretations of familiar materials made unfamiliar.

Given Dixon's contemporary leanings, a collaboration with the historic house of Hennessy might seem like an unlikely pairing. But as it turns out, it has led to spectacular results. Tasked to reinterpret the classic Hennessy X.O bottle, Dixon rolled out three exclusive bottle designs over three years, the last of which was unveiled to cognac lovers in Singapore just this week.

Hennessy X.O exclusive collection tom dixon

The trilogy of bottles from this exclusive collection sees the traditional glass bottle taking on an opaque skin in copper, silver, and most recently — gold. The sensual cuves of the bottle have given way to a highly textural surface of polygons raised in a sweeping blanket of infinite pixilation. 

Dixon's bottle design might hide the cognac from sight, but you need only tip the medium amber elixir into a glass to find the familiar, complex pour within. We enjoy having the Hennessy X.O with just a splash of still water to release its aroma of ripe fruits and mellow wood tones. On the palate, it's balanced and robust, satisyfing with a finish that lingers on long after the first sip. 

The Limited Edition Hennessy X.O Exclusive Collection by Tom Dixon is available at S$380 from Le Vigne at 72 Namly Place. Tel: 6314 1597.