Three to try: The Library, The Market Grill, Seasonal Tastes

Tasting notes

Three to try: The Library, The Market Grill, Seasonal Tastes
Our shortlist of the top eats and treats in town

The Library x Eu Yang Sang

the library cocktails

Tasting the schisandra berry for the first time is a revelation in itself. Biting into this tiny red berry native to Northern China releases a cocktail of flavours spanning sweet, salty, sour and bitter. While it is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to lower one's blood pressure and stimulate the respiratory system, an unexpected collaboration between TCM stalwart Eu Yan Sang and cocktail bar The Library sees the berry and other Chinese herbs finding their way into five newfangled cocktail creations. Mixing alcohol with traditional Chinese medicine might seem deadly, but these cocktails are not intended to be medically potent. Rather, they showcase the culinary depth and width of traditional Chinese herbs beyond the typical bitter brews associated with this age-old herbology practice. Take for example The Banana Company, a whisky-based tipple sweetened with Momordica fruit liqueur, banana tapaché and a zesty jolt of lime. For something that swings towards white rum territory, opt for the Sun of Fuji, a punchy drink spiked with Hawthorn berry, smoked lychee, and a hint of rose. Hungry? There's bar grub — think Five Spices Fish Skin and Chrysanthemum Jelly with Goji Berry — that works in a good dose of Chinese medical herbs, too. 

Available until 31 May 2017. The Library. 47 Keong Saik Road 

The Market Grill

the market grill

While Chef Colin West's Cod Fish Burger is one of those edible gifts that keeps on giving — West isn't relying on this star dish to pull in the crowd. The bustling diner's focus on grilled meats and seafood remains, but new additions to the menu give us good reason to return. Think freshly shucked oysters (pulled from a live oyster tank, no less) and mussels served in a simmering cocotte of homemade crustacean bisque spiked with a hit of chili. Order up the seafood platter, comprising a whole lobster, freshly shucked oysters, scallops, and the mystery Catch of the Day (during our visit, we devoured an entire sea bass, served with an Asian-inspired soy dip). Dining with a larger squad? Call ahead to reserve the newly installed banquette booths. Otherwise, saddle up at the counter to survey all the action taking place at the grill. 

208 Telok Ayer Street. Tel: 6221 3323

Seasonal Tastes

Seasonal Tastes

Yet another Sunday, yet another Sunday champagne brunch. But we're not complaining if $148 gets us a decadent buffet topped with an endless flow of champagne. Given the quality of the spread, it's arguably the most affordable champagne brunch in town — one that's backdropped with a 32nd-storey view of the South China Sea. The selection of seafood on ice includes Alaskan king crab, Canadian lobsters, snow crab, freshly shucked oysters, and mussels, while carnivores have plenty to tuck into with hefty Aussie Tomahawk steaks, lamb chops grilled to order, and T-bone steaks that arrive at your table medium rare (as it rightly should). Cook & Brew, the Westin Singapore's gastro bar, extends the buffet line with signature dishes such as Truffle Fried Chicken and Maple Miso Salmon. A smorgasbord of sweet treats seal the deal, so pace yourself if you're planning to go the whole nine yards. Given the hotel's intuitive approach to wellness, the chefs are also happy to accommodate diners with any dietary restrictions. 

Level 32. The Westin Singapore. 12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2. Tel: 6922 6968

Text: Denise Kok

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