Three to try: Stellar, Bird Bird, Dolce Vita

Three to try: Stellar, Bird Bird, Dolce Vita

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Text: Adibah Isa Janice Sim

Our shortlist of the top eats and treats in town

Dolce Vita

Enter the doors of the newly refurbished Dolce Vita at Mandarin Oriental Singapore and you're greeted with warm, neutral hues and a pleasant, convivial vibe. While the chic interiors make it easy for you to feel right at home, those plush mahogany chairs aren't all you can look forward to while dining at this refined space. For starters, their service is impeccable — a tick in our books and a defining factor when it comes to the number of returning guests. Tableside service is also back in popular demand here — when ordering items like their Treccia buffalo mozzarella, a stand is thoughtfully set up by your table, as the service staff (or chef if you're lucky) cut and plate it while you watch or snap away. Pair the springy cheese with a risotto simmered with white asparagus, yuzu jus and a mimosa egg — this delightful combination is an easy favourite and one that will satisfy even the toughest critic. Carnivores, be sure to try Dolce Vita's sumptous grilled prime beef, prepared to perfection and also served tableside. — JS

dolce vita cheese mozzarella three to try

Level 5, Mandarin Oriental, Tel: 6885 3500

Bird Bird

Bird Bird's recent move to the east side — Frankel Avenue, to be exact — will give eastsiders another reason to rejoice. Previously at Ann Siang Hill serving up mouthwatering ghetto grub, Bird Bird's move was a deliberate decision to give the fuss-free establishment a bit more of a neighbourhood feel. What's more? Cocotte's ex head chef Anthony Yeoh now heads up the food direction here, and we were excited to see what that brought about. Let's just say this is where all your fried chicken dreams come true — a must-try is their Lebanese Fried Chicken, glazed in honey and lemon, with a sprinkle of nutty za'atar and herbaceous notes of oregano and thyme. We loved the tenderness of the chicken, evident even in tricky areas like the breast. The crispy batter was also thin and light, and didn't leave that overly heavy feeling that normally comes after eating fried food. Feel like a little heat? Take a whack at their holy grail of hot sauces, which range from wimpy to X-rated. We dare you to aim big for this one. Bird Bird also offers a wide selection of craft beer pairings to go best with your order, so whether you're having Southern Fried Chicken or Bangkok Fried Chicken, there's a cold bottle of relief just for you. — JS

three to try fried chicken bird bird

97 Frankel Avenue, Tel: 6694 8270

Stellar at 1-Altitude 

The next time you decide to treat yourself, ask for the beef at Stellar at 1-Altitude. We're not just talking about any random slab of steak — the restaurant has worked with a farm in Tiana Park in the Riverina region of New South Wales to breed the best produce possible. What sits on your plate is a Tajima wagyu that's lived its best, happiest life on a Japanese diet, and has been specially crossbred so you'll enjoy the beefiness from the Angus and the marbling of pure wagyu. The tender, flavourful and distinctive marbling is something you'd enjoy from the tri-tip, oyster blade and chuck rib cuts. While most establishments go for the typical trio of tenderloin, rib eye and strip loin, Melburnian chef Christopher Millar has instead opted for these lesser-known cuts to showcase the star of the show. Available from the Antipodes and a la carte three-course menu, go for the tri-tip if you're after a firmer, chewier bite, with a beefy and charred taste after being wood-fired on a Josper grill. For something more gelatinous, the chuck rib has been braised in red wine stock that's paired simply with fondant potatoes. Our personal favourite is the the oyster blade, which pretty much slides down your tongue like butter on a knife thanks to the sous vide and Josper grill treatment. Sides are light yet decadent. Beetroot hummus and shaved truffles play off their light and strong flavours while the coffee sauce — roasted coffee beans steeped into a red wine sauce — dresses the meats and brings out the natural flavour of the Tajima. They'll be introducing more cuts, so stay tuned for menu updates. — AI

three to try steak stellar 1-altitude

Level 62, 1 Raffles Place. Tel: 6438 0410