Dining in a private garden dome is now possible at The Summerhouse

Dining in a private garden dome is now possible at The Summerhouse

A cosy affair

Text: Janice Sim

The idyllic establishment at Seletar celebrates their one-year anniversary with a unique dining concept

Once dead to the world, Seletar is now an emerging weekend hotspot for families, millennials, and even folks who live out of the way. We give credit when it's due — no doubt its revival is due to multi-concept dining destination, The Summerhouse, down on Park Lane. Housed in an 80-year-old colonial mansion that was once the home of the Royal Air Force's Tech Wing Commander, the dreamy estate boasts a café, bar, as well as a restaurant, which overlooks the vast urban flora surrounding the property. An idyllic escape away the usual suspects of heartland malls? We'll make the drive in a heartbeat.

The Summerhouse Garden Domes

To commemorate its first year, The Summerhouse has unveiled a few enhancements to its space — one of which includes a special dining concept called The Summerhouse Garden Domes. Built on their very own edible garden are three air-conditioned domes (complete with their own sound system), spacious enough to accommodate a dinner party of eight.

The Summerhouse Singapore

The grub naturally comes straight from The Summerhouse's kitchen — featuring indulgent plates like Paper Bag-Baked Seabass and Charcoal Grilled Slipper Lobster. A private evening spent in a luminous bubble? Sounds just about perfect for any special occasion. 

The Summerhouse Singapore

The Summerhouse Dining Room has also been refreshed with an air-conditioned veranda, letting in the natural light and luscious view of the trees. An important add-on? Its wine service table, which takes precedence right in the centre of the hall. We definitely urge you to have a sip (or a whole bottle) of one of their finest vintages to go along with your table fare. 

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Opening hours: (Wed and Thurs) 6pm-10pm. (Fri-Sun) 12-3pm, 6pm-10pm