The Ottomani experience gets elevated with The Nomad Series

The Ottomani experience gets elevated with The Nomad Series

Menu takeovers

Text: Rachel Ng

Singapore’s sexy supper club welcomes seven internationally renowned chefs to switch things up, one chef at a time

Foreign to no gastronome in tune with Singapore’s hidden gems, plush seats and oil lanterns in the darkness of a candlelit room are sufficient to evoke envy of the diner at The Ottomani. Its Middle Eastern menu and sophisticated cocktails might be the crowd-drawers of this supper club, but true to head chef Beau Churchill’s dedication of delivering a progressive take on the familiar, the team will be switching things up with the launch of The Nomad Series. This brilliant venture brings forth a group of internationally renowned chefs, who will be collaborating with Chef Beau to develop distinct menus which incorporate their own styles to The Ottomani’s signature flair.  

A stroke of luck landed us in the seats of this exclusive hideout, and we got a taste of The Nomad Series with their first collaborative chef — pastry master, Jason Licker. Chef Jason has held the esteemed executive pastry chef position at various restaurants across the globe, including The Westin Bund in Shanghai and Cé La Vi in Singapore. 

The Ottomani, The Nomad Series

The six-course menu gives equal attention to the savoury and the sweet, starting with three mains that take artistry to one you've never seen before. 'The Pollin'' is a refreshing take on the kingfish sashimi, featuring dollops of kashk (a Middle Eastern yoghurt) to give its one-dimensional freshness a playful touch with a warm, cheesy note. A light, citrusy bitterness which comes from burning the orange and pureeing it adds a nice zing to balance the creamy richness.

Fancy something heavier? 'In the Mountains' presents a prime cut of Wagyu sirloin that has been ash roasted and topped with a myriad of mushrooms, such as shiitake, button, Swiss, pickled, and smoked mushroom muahammara (a Turkish dip, similar  to a mushroom puree). A gentle but discernable smokiness comes through with each mouthful, and Chef Beau explains that this comes from the added smoked sweet chilli and beef reduction. There exists a fine line between satisfying and overwhelming, but Chef Beau ensures it treads well with his thoughtfully curated line-up of savouries.

The Ottomani, The Nomad Series

You won't be leaving without indulging in a couple of sweet treats. The sheer ratio of sweets to savouries is sure to delight any dessert lover. Having grown up with cereal as his daily staple, Chef Jason’s dread for textural monotony has led him to master the art of both flavour and textural juxtaposition, and this is evident in his palate-provoking pastries such as 'Cleansed', a spoonful of mint granite, mint jelly, and dried mint meringue. The 'Turkish Absolute' is another bold execution of contrasts, combining the elements of saffron, orange, yoghurt, pistachio, and pomegranate to make a rich halvah — a Middle Eastern sweet made of sesame flour and honey. Topped with a deconstructed mille feuille and an orange saffron foam, we loved how the buttery goodness of the sable biscuit came together with the crispness of the pastry.

The collaboration with Chef Jason may have ended, but if consistency endures in this gastronomy haven, the first showcase bodes well for the next six to come. The Nomad Series is set to continue into early 2019, with the next takeover happening on 15 August 2018 with Chef Coskun Uysal.

For more information, visit The Ottomani or stay tuned to their Instagram page for regular updates. 

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