Exclusive sips: The Macallan collection only travellers can get their hands on

Exclusive sips: The Macallan collection only travellers can get their hands on

License to fly

Text: Janice Sim

A delicious reward in return for your future travels

Whenever we travel, we make it an indulgent habit to pick up memorabilia or random knick-knacks to remind us of the certain place or the entire experience. Most of the time, it is also because the item is only exclusive to the specific country, which makes the product even more special.

Scottish distillery, The Macallan, concurs. The famed whisky house has specially crafted a new range titled "The Macallan Quest Collection", exclusively available for travel retail. The idea is to encourage consumers to take more inspiring trips and to live out memorable adventures, while sipping on a special glass of The Macallan.

The Macallan Quest Collection

Comprising of a quartet of No Age Statement whiskies — named Quest, Lumina, Terra and Enigma, all of them narrow in on the whisky house's tireless pursuit of the most extraordinary sherry-seasoned oak casks. Look forward to more accessible, effervescent, and vanilla-led flavours with this range.

So how do you go about sussing out the right whisky best suited for your palate without the age label intact? Well, for starters, Quest boasts a slightly spicy profile, infused with notes of vanilla and cinnamon. Lumina comprises a bold and zesty mix, with hints of creamy vanilla and wood spice. Terra? Distinctively balanced, along with flavours of toffee, sweet dried fruit, and rich wood spices. Lastly, Enigma sums up the heart of The Macallan with a rich and intense flavour profile of cinnamon, vanilla, and dried fruit — perfect for the whisky traditionalists. 

A celebratory bottle of The Macallan to commemorate the end of your Europe escapade? Sounds like a plan. 

Now available at travel retail worldwide.