Terrace house foods in Singapore: Soba, broccoli pasta, Hida beef, omurice, and tiramisu

Terrace house foods in Singapore: Soba, broccoli pasta, Hida beef, omurice, and tiramisu

If you know, you know

Text: Janice Sim

We know the format by heart. We've seen the drama unfold. And after this much time, we're still watching Terrace House, now produced by Netflix in its fourth season. Japan has invented many remarkable things, but it has also turned the typical premise of housing strangers under the same roof into a breath of fresh air. Sure the West might have invented the insatiable reality show rubric, but somehow it's always more scintillating with the Japanese. Everything is filtered within its culture, social normalities, and interesting meter of humour. Add to that, the hilarious commentary from a panel of local personalities, and the show is practically in a league of its own.

With the current season Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020 running on Netflix, we shine the spotlight on the many foods of the entire series. Not all of them, but only the most iconic, controversial plates that have been the pivot of many turning points on the show. If the craving ever hits, you can find them in this list of hotspots on our shores.

Who knew a meal could be so titilating? Only on Terrace House.

1. Coward Omurice

From Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City

When the guy doesn't man up in time to ask you out, serve up a delicious plate of omu rice bearing a message in ketchup — "Coward". Which is what model and student Minori did when she was tired of waiting for her soon-to-be boyfriend, Uchi to make the first move. If this dish never happened, nothing might have ever transpired between them — imagine that.

Coward omelette

Where to find it: Omurice Keisuke
There are plenty of omurice spots in Singapore, but Keisuke does it especially runny, blanketed atop a huge pool of fried rice. You could even get a side of spaghetti if you're down for it.

Omu rice singapore

2. Ruka's broccoli pasta

From Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020

When the resident (clueless) kid, Ruka made the leap to cook for himself in an attempt to make carbonara, everything went downhill. From cracking an egg into a pot of boiling water to mixing boiled broccoli in his tasteless pool of spaghetti, this moment was part horrifying, part amusing, and all parts unforgettable.

Terrace House

Where to find it: Saizeriya
Technically, it's a mentaiko flavoured pasta with shrimp and broccoli. So if you ask us, this dish trumps Ruka's any day.

Brocoli pasta

3. 'The Meat Incident'

From Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City

When using a shared kitchen, never touch anything that's dubbed to be exceptionally precious to your housemate. For Uchi (as mentioned above), his Hida beef that was gifted from his client was cooked and eaten without his knowledge, by the hands of the other housemates and his girlfriend, Minori. What ensued after the ultimate betrayal was a long-drawn out cold war and a breakdown from poor Uchi.

Terrace House

Where to find it: Keyaki
Prized cuts, tatami mats, and Japanese chefs working the sizzle. Yes, you'll always get a good slab of meat here.


4. Sasa's soba

From Terrace House: Opening New Doors

The most amicable female cast member, Tsubasa from the season in Karuizawa had many endearing moments on the show. Most of them revolved around her cute relationship with model Shion, but the rest happened at her dad's soba restaurant, Sasa. Any scene featuring a meal here was always heartening to watch — featuring pockets of wisdom from Tsubasa's dad himself.

Terrace House

Where to find it: Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi
By the hands of Japanese soba specialist Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi, you'll get to slurp on fresh soba everyday, made in-house. Authenticity is the key here.


5. Pepe's farewell tiramisu

From Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020

If you're all caught up with the current season of Terrace House, you should have already discovered the many charms of Italian Pepe who moved to Tokyo to become a successful manga artist. In his time at the house, Pepe had introduced many delightful flavours, whether it be a mean arrabbiata or an aperol spritz. But what really made an impression was his tiramisu — bittersweet like his eventual departure from the show.


Where to find it: Luka
Beyond its stellar list of pastas and pizzas, is a decadent tiramisu bearing perfect proportions of ladyfingers, coffee, and rum.


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