Avoiding the haze? Here's how you can bring Happy Hour home

Avoiding the haze? Here's how you can bring Happy Hour home

We'll drink to that

Text: Denise Kok

Haze or shine, the drinking must go on

1. Have them delivered straight to your doorstep

Sometimes, the worst thing you can do is make your own cocktails. It's not masak-masak. Cocktail making is a science that combines precision with decades of a well-honed palate. So really, you're best off leaving the job to the pros. Deliveroo delivers cocktails — think Old Fashions and Daiquiris — put together by the bartenders from Tippling Club. Single-serve cocktails come in a little glass jar with perfectly cut ice on the side. Thoughtful. 

cocktails at home

2. Stock up on small batch bottled cocktails

If you're having a group of friends over, Sunday Punch is your next boozy port of call. Their small batch bottled cocktails (whose recipes are fine tuned by seasoned bartenders) mean that you simply need to chill your glasses and have ice at the ready. Once your guests arrive, break the wax seal (yeah, they are kind of fancy that way) on the bottle and spread the love. Whether you enjoy your cocktail with a base of vodka, gin, or whisky, you'll find only premium spirits and homemade infusions going into the mix. 

sunday punch

3. Shake things up yourself

Figured it's time to give your home-bar a good workout? We've plenty of cocktail recipes for you to choose from. Think chicken-rice inspired vodka tipple, sangria (you have to try very hard to screw this one up), and even a bacon bourbon milkshake (yes, dreams do come true).

chicken rice cocktail