Specialty grocery stores that are cuisine specific: MoguShop, La Mexicana, and more

Specialty grocery stores that are cuisine specific: MoguShop, La Mexicana, and more

Eat it up

Text: Brandon Alexius Chia

Image: Instragram | @mogushopsg
Image: Instragram | @le_petit_depot
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As we eagerly await the end of 'Heightened Alert' in Singapore, we're still doing what we can in the kitchen. To inject more fun and variety into home dining, why not add some spice (figuratively and literally) to your next meal by incorporating international flavours from these specialty grocery stores in Singapore? This might even be able to tide your wanderlust over for a while, without having to leave the house. From Japan's finest meats to delectable treats from France, mix the menu up a little even if you're still dining at home.

From the land of the rising sun:

Missing the authentic taste of Japanese food? Look no further than MoguShop – from meats to seafood, everything is imported fresh from Japan. They even have localised products from the Ibaraki and Saitama regions such as Meismland Kanrakuya Specialty Cheesecake and Kawagoe "Saimoo" Sweet Potato Cider. Within a few clicks, the food will be delivered right to your doorstep. The website also has an array of recipes to follow if you are unsure on what to cook.

From the land of great wine and cheese
Le Petit Depot

Channel your inner Julia Child with French cuisine. Le Petit Depot has a smorgasbord of treats available on their online store – pastries, cakes, wine, cold cuts, and more. They offer both casual and fine dining foods to suit any occasion, which is perfect for a birthday or anniversary coming up. Do check out their promo tab to see the steals of the day.

From the land of beer:
Germany Market Place

Beer lovers, this one goes out to you. Aside from the array of German and Dutch foods, the market has many different brews that are also decently priced per bottle. Not in the mood for beer, there are other imported spirits that you might not have even heard of such as Verpoorten, an egg liqueur. We all deserve to have a drink (or a couple) after a long day of working from home.


From the land of spice and flavour:
La Mexicana

When we talk about spice, no one does it better than Latin Americans – even their sweets have spice. La Mexicana is best known for selling a wide range of specialty chillis, spices, salsas, and tortillas. Both fresh produce such as avocados and nopales (cactus) and cooked food such as carnitas and barbacoa will leave you spoiled for choice.

From the land of wildlife:
African Market Place

If you had to cancel plans for a vacation or honeymoon to South Africa over the last two years, why don't you bring a little bit of it into your kitchen? The online supermarket's main pride and joy would be its extensive range of wines, hailing from South African vineyards, paired with imported snacks and meats. They also sell African house decor, wearable textiles and accessories to jazz up your abode.