How to make a pineapple gin and tonic

How to make a pineapple gin and tonic


Text: Janice Sim

Spruce up your G&Ts for the last big occasion of the year

At last, the countdown is drawing near. The joyous time when we all raise our glasses to the New Year. How to make your last house party of 2016 count? Treat your guests to a refreshing gin and tonic, spiked with homemade pineapple sake, with a foolproof recipe from Head Bartender of Smoke & Mirrors, Yugnes Susela. Bottoms up to sweet beginnings.

Note: Prepare the pineapple sake and sugar syrup before starting on the gin and tonic.

Pineapple sake: Here's what you need

1 Honey Pineapple, sliced into wedges
Pink Peppercorns (120g of pineapples to 10g of pink peppercorns)
Junmai Daiginjo Sake

Pineapple sake: How to make it

1. Marinate the pineapple slices with pink peppercorns.
2. Once the pineapples are marinated, sun-dry them until they are fully dried.
3. Add Junmai Daiginjo Sake into a pot and heat them to a temperature of 50℃. Add the dried pineapple into the pot and cook them for 60 minutes.
4. Strain the mixture after to get pineapple sake.

Sugar syrup: Here's what you need

500ml Caster Sugar
500ml Water

Sugar syrup: How to make it

1. Boil the sugar and water together.
2. Stir until the sugar has totally dissolved.

Gin and tonic: Here's what you need

60ml Gin
Orange Bitters
Tonic of your choice
10ml Sugar Syrup
25ml Pineapple Sake

Gin and tonic: How to make it

1. Mix gin, pineapple sake, sugar syrup, 3 dashes of orange bitters, and top up with tonic of your choice.
2. Serve in a wine glass. Finish the drink with fruits of your choice. 

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