Secret menu items to ask for at restaurants in Singapore: From Potato Head Family, Cicheti, Morsels, and more

Secret menu items to ask for at restaurants in Singapore: From Potato Head Family, Cicheti, Morsels, and more

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Text: Janice Sim

We love being a part of an inner circle — wherever that may take us. Even if that means ordering a drink loaded with excessive sugar off the secret menu from Starbucks — just because. Fortunately in this case, you're privy to delectable eats that aren't officially on the menus of some of the most reputable restaurants in Singapore. Most of the time, these secret orders are passed along via whispers of hearsay or just a perk from being a regular (favourite) customer. If you don't belong to the aforementioned, you'll hear it first through this list below. Side note: These orders aren't circuit breaker specials and will remain as dine-in items to look forward once life goes back to the norm.

The Cicheti Group

The secret item: Polpo

The Polpo has always been the elusive off-menu special and a regular fixture of the Cicheti group. Each Cicheti establishment does theirs a little differently. At Cicheti, a whole octopus tentacle gets a rub of housemade harissa, then grilled till there's a char, before being plated on a bed of fregola. To finish, a drizzle of tzatziki that cuts off the heat. At Caffe Cicheti, the off-menu special sees mirepoix-braised octopus pan-seared for a delicious char, chopped up and served with Idaho potato, olives, Spanish onion, and a drizzle of housemade salsa verde.


Potato Head Family

The secret item(s): Four Floors, Street Truff, and Hot Stuff

Four Floors is essentially a double cheeseburger, featuring two vintage Tasmanian beef patties, double ketchup, Den miso mayo, onions, and the kicker — bawang goreng. Street Truff hails from Three Buns Jakarta, sandwiching a vintage Tasmanian beef patty, ketchup, onion marmalade, cheddar cheese, truffle oil, and Den Miso mayo. Hot Stuff is a hot mess of a beef patty, smoked cheese sauce, ketchup cucumber, jalapeno pickle, bawang goren, and something Potato Head Family calls an inferno sauce. Proceed with caution...

Potato Head Folk

New Ubin Seafood

The secret item(s): Boss style seafood char kuay teow, Boss style fried rice, and Boss style USDA black angus rib-eye

For the longest time, New Ubin has had a treasure trove of signatures that can be requested to be prepared "boss style". Basically done the way owner Pang Seng Meng likes it. It's typically more smoky, sinful, and indulgent. Expect more char on the rib-eye, a Penang riff on that char kuay teow, and heaps of chye poh in your fried rice.


The secret item: Pickle plate

Chef-owner Petrina Loh's known for fermenting many of her ingredients within Morsels, and for guests who love her pickles, they can ask for a pickle plate to be put together. It's a pretty platter that varies from time to time — depending on what she has in her fermentation stash. Some examples to dream about: sake kasu faikon pickle with wakame and ginger, pickled curly kale onion with tempered warm healing spices, and oyster mushroom kimchi with garlic and wakame.


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