What your favourite chocolate says about you

What your favourite chocolate says about you

A chocologist speaks

Text: Janice Sim

Like it or not, there's always a certain chocolate flavour you're drawn to. Here's what your preference could say about your personality

In a world where a job title like Bacon-in-Chief exists (yes, you may look it up at Time Inc.), a chocologist (chocolate-pyschologist) seems relatively ordinary. 

His name is none other than Murray Langham, former psychotherapist and owner of New Zealand's gourmet chocolate empire, Schoc Chocolates, and he has a stunning revelation.

Schoc chocolates wellington new zealand

That chosen piece you pick out in a box of chocolates; whether it be the choice of a chocolate's shape and filling, could instantly reveal something about your personality. Langham's findings are based off his experience during his practice — when he started asking what chocolates his clients preferred, and realised chocolate-related questions were more effective than straightforward queries. Since then, Schoc chocolates has birthed a series of over 60 flavours, namely unique creations like lime chilli, lavender salted caramel, apricot, and rosemary, in order to cater to the spectrum of personalities he has encountered.

Schoc chocolates wellington new zealand

Sufficiently curious? See if any of these eight traits ring true:

Diagnosis: Tends to be innocent, and likes to live in the past

Diagnosis: Materialistic, problem solvers, excited about the future

Diagnosis: Innate sense of fairness and believe they have the power of the universe at their command

Diagnosis: Loves staying at home and relaxing in their little space

Diagnosis: Curt with their thoughts and loves to accomplish great things like climbing the corporate ladder

Diagnosis: Sensitive to the needs of others and are afraid of what people might think

Diagnosis: Meticulous and usually the person that people turn to for advice

Diagnosis: Tends to be more introverted, artistic, and can't seem to keep still

Schoc Chocolates are available in Wellington and Greytown, New Zealand. For more information, click here.