#SaturdaySessions: Pan-fried lobster medallions

#SaturdaySessions: Pan-fried lobster medallions

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Text: Denise Kok

Legendary French chef Michel Roux's refined take on the lobster

Along with legendary chefs the likes of Joël Robuchon and the late Charlie Trotter, French chef Michel Roux has changed the course of British culinary history by leading it out of the doldrums. Roux doesn't rely on theatrics to impress the diner. His precision in execution and knack for coaxing the best out of each ingredient has earned him the reputation as Godfather of Britain's restaurant revolution — and rightly so. 

Just last week, he graced the kitchens at The Datai Langkawi to bring guests of the luxury hotel an equally luxurious five-course gastronomic experience inked with his hallmark stamp of Michelin prestige. If you weren't amongst the privileged few to taste his cooking, do the next best thing and whip up this lobster recipe from Roux himself. Think delicately pan-fried lobster medallions flavoured with a white port sauce — one given a uniquely Asian twist with the addition of ginger laced vegetables. 



Serves 4

Pan-fried lobster medallions with a white port sauce
4 X 550g Live Lobsters 
Salt and pepper
10g cayenne pepper 
100ml extra virgin olive oil 
200ml white port
300ml veal stock
400ml fish stock
100g unsalted butter, cold and diced 
10g fresh chervil

Vegetable julienne
1 carrot
1 leek
1 endive
5g fresh root ginger
30g unsalted butter
1 tablespoon redcurrant jelly 
Juice of 1⁄2 orange 



Preparing the lobsters:
1. Blanch fresh lobsters in boiling salted water for 30 seconds, then cool in iced water.
2. Cut the end of the tail off at the last segment with a chopping knife, remove the rest of the tail and slice into three pieces.
3. Cut the tip of the head off with the two antennae, and remove the claws and elbows
from the head.
4. Crack the claws with the back of the knife across the middle.
5. Remove the gritty sac from inside the head.
6. Chop the rest of the head and put to one side for the sauce.
7. Mix 20g of the salt and the cayenne together and season all the lobster pieces.

  • Cooking the lobster and the white port sauce:

    • 1. In a large and deep frying pan, heat the olive oil until boiling.

    • 2. Sauté all the lobster pieces on all sides until nearly cooked.

    • 3. Remove everything from the pan except for the chopped head pieces which will give extra flavour to the sauce.

    • 4. Keep warm in a low oven.

    • 5. Discard the oil from the pan, carefully add the port and reduce.

    • 6. Add the veal stock and the fish stock, and reduce to a light sauce consistency.

    • 7. Remove the chopped pieces of head.

    • 8. Add the diced butter to the sauce, stirring continuously until it has completely


    • 9. Season to taste.

    • Preparing the vegetable julienne:

        • 1. Cut the carrot, leek, endive and ginger into julienne.

        • 2. Melt the butter in a pan and sweat the julienne until soft.

        • 3. Add the redcurrant jelly and orange juice to moisten, and keep warm on one side. 

        • To serve:

        • 1. On four plates, arrange the vegetable julienne in four equal piles.

        • 2. Remove the membrane from the base of the tail segment with scissors.

        • 3. Place the head of the lobster at the top of the plate.

        • 4. Cut the knuckles in half lengthways, remove the flesh from one side and put on top of the other, place either side of the head.

        • 5. Arrange the three tail segments across the middle of the plate with the tail tip at the base of the plate.

        • 6. Pull the lower half of the claw back on itself, which will pull out the centre membrane from inside the claw.

        • 7. Remove the lower half of the shell and place the claw in between the tail pieces,

          forming a rough lobster shape on the plate.

        • 8. Reheat in a hot oven for a minute.

        • 9. Strain the sauce and pour over the top of the lobster.

        • 10. Sprinkle with chervil.


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