#SaturdaySessions: Triple coffee dessert pots

#SaturdaySessions: Triple coffee dessert pots

Recipe inspiration

Text: Denise Kok

Image: Nespresso

Tiny, caffeinated indulgences

Coffee. The word itself is emblematic of rushed mornings, slow afternoons, and a welcome respite after an eight-course degustation dinner. If you don't take after the Italians who are so inclined to ending each meal with a shot of espresso, why not intertwine dessert with a shot of caffeine? Below, three easy ways to do so. Here, we're going with Nespresso's Cafezinho do Brasil beans, which combines Arabica beans from Southern Brazil with natural, sweet Bourbon to deliver a cup with an unexpected walnut and Sandalwood aroma. 

Here's what you need

8 Cafezinho do Brasil capsules

Brazilian nuts

500ml whipped cream

Chocolate coffee bean

1/2 tspn cane sugar or 3ml sugar cane syrup

2 ice cubes

3 small glasses

1 cream charger

1 500ml syphon

How to make it

Glass 1: Pour an espresso Cafezinho do Brasil

Glass 2: Put some crushed Brazil nuts at the bottom. Make some whipped cream with 6 cooled espresso Cafezinho do Brasil. Garnish with chocolate coffee bean.

Glass 3: Make an espresso Cafezinho do Brasil and cool it down with 2 ice cubes and 1/2 teaspoon cane sugar or cane sugar syrup.