#SaturdaySessions: Iced coco Americano

#SaturdaySessions: Iced coco Americano

Play it cool

Text: Denise Kok

Image: Bella Koh for Nespresso

A cold brew with a welcome splash of coconut water

Coconut water isn't just a refreshing thirst quencher packed with good-for-you nutrients. It also makes for a good addition to your coffee. Coconut water and espresso, you say? Well, why not? The sweet, nutty flavour profile of coconut water marries well with a good old shot of espresso. Below, an unexpectedly good way to enjoy an iced Americano. 

Here's what you need

1 Indriya capsule from Nespresso's India Grand Cru series

120ml Coconut water

Crushed ice

How to make it

1. Pour coconut water into a tall glass.

2. Extract Indriya from India Grand Cru (Espresso: 40ml) straight into the same glass.

3. Add ice and stir.

The Iced Coco Americano will also be served at Nespresso boutiques (Raffles City and Takashimaya) from now to 8 February 2017. For more #SaturdaySessions recipes, click here