#SaturdaySessions: Gado-gado

#SaturdaySessions: Gado-gado

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A hearty Indonesian salad

Thanks to its attractive appearance and explosion of flavours, this hearty dish has gained popularity across Indonesia as an appetiser as well as a main course when paired with rice cakesNobody can verify the history of Gado-gado, but it is believed that gado-gado was created in the capital city of Jakarta back in early 1900s owing to taste acculturation between Chinese immigrants and native Indonesians. Below, the chefs over at Kaum share their take on this classic Indonesian dish. 

Here's what you need
Serves 2

For the salad

Green beans

White cabbage


Bitter gourd

10g Baby potatoes

20g Tofu

5g Cherry tomatoes

15g Rocket leaves

10g Cucumber

1. To prepare the salad, steam baby potatoes and tofu for 30 mins.

2. Meanwhile, blanch green beans, white cabbage, beansprouts, and bitter gourd for five minutes. 

3. Slice cherry tomatoes and set aside.

4.  Thinly slice rocket leaves and cucumber and set aside. 

For the peanut dressing

100g Toasted peanut

3g Red bird's eye chilies

5g Red chilies 

10g Garlic

20ml Tamarind water

5g Sea salt

25g Palm sugar

20ml Thick coconut milk

60ml Warm water

10ml Keffir lime juice

1. In a food processor, pulse all the ingredients above (except for the coconut milk, warm water, and keffir lime juice) until ground. Transfer the mixture to a mixing bowl and add coconut milk, warm water, and keffir lime juice.

To assemble the gado-gado

1. Combine salad with peanut dressing. 

2. Serve with 1 boiled egg (sliced into half), rice crackers, and deep fried shallots. 


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