How to make cured salmon with trout roe and dill

How to make cured salmon with trout roe and dill

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A light and elegant dish for those who love salmon

Rangá Restaurant in Iceland overlooks the East-Rangá River, one of the finest salmon rivers in the region. For head chef Karl Jóhann Unnarsson, this serves as the perfect spot for him to work with the freshest catch of salmon he can get his hands on. While Unnarsson is focused on turning out modern Nordic plates guided by the seasons, he's shared a recipe below you can easily recreate at home. 


Here's what you need

1 Fillet of salmon

150g Salt

1 Lemon


For the dill oil

500ml Olive oil

100g of fresh Dill


For the trout roe and dressing

100g Trout roe

1/4 Fresh fennel bulb

1 Small shallot onion

100ml Dill oil


How to make it

1. Clean the salmon fillet.

2. Put the sugar and salt into a bowl.

3. Add the zest of the lemon to the sugar and salt. Mix well. 

4. Put the salmon on a tray and pour the mix over it.

5. Allow the salmon to cure for 35 minutes in the refrigerator.

6. Wash the salt and sugar mix of the salmon and dry.

7. Slice the salmon into pieces.

8. To prepare the dill oil, combine oil and dill in a blender. Start with a slow-spin setting before blending at full speed for 15 minutes until the mixture turns dark green. Pass the oil through a fine sieve. 

9. To prepare the trout roe and dressing, cut the fennel and onion finely and place them in a small bowl. Mix the dill oil and the fresh trout roe in a bowl with the fennel and onion.

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