#SaturdaySessions: Green Day Cocktail

#SaturdaySessions: Green Day Cocktail

Fresh and fruity

Text: Denise Kok

Is it gin o'clock yet?

Trust the good folk at The Westin Singapore to shave off that little bit of guilt from cocktail hour. Their latest cocktail menu — Crafted by Westin — boasts a belly-friendly mix of natural ingredients, all backed with top-shelf spirits, of course. Sugary syrups are the real danger lurking in each perfectly shaken cocktail, but these virtuous concoctions are void of this carb-laden ingredient. Below, a refreshing, vibrant cocktail from the menu. 

Here's what you'll need:

3 sprigs of basil

5 pcs of green grapes

45ml Hendrick's gin

20ml lemon juice

A slice of cucumber, for garnish

How to make it

1. Muddle both basil and grapes in a sturdy mixing glass. 

2. Add ice, gin, and lemon. Shake well to combine. 

3. Double strain the mixture into a martini glass. 

4. Garnish with a slice of cucumber before serving. 

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