How to make a dala flower salad

How to make a dala flower salad


Text: Janice Sim

Skip the usual papaya salad and try your hand at this refreshing alternative instead

A run-of-the-mill salad can normally be summed up in one word — and bland. We've been there, done that and chomped down unpalatable vegetables in order to lose weight. But who says you need to sacrifice flavours just so that you can obey the rules of a healthier diet? The secret lies in using the right spices and ingredients. And when it comes to finding the perfect balance, no one does it better than the Thais. The Slate Phuket's signature restaurant Black Ginger shows you how to whip up a piquant dala flower salad. Simple and gratifying, this afternoon delight will be sure to hit all the right spots.

Dala Flower Salad: Here's what you need

1 piece of Dala Flower (also known as torch ginger)
100g Minced Chicken
10g Shallot
5g Coriander
1 piece of Chilli
10g Spring Onions
20g Fish Sauce
10g Palm Sugar
1 Lime, squeezed

Dala Flower Salad: How to make it

1. Stir the minced chicken until it's cooked, and then remove from the heat.
2. Slice the torch ginger into long thin pieces.
3. Add fish sauce, palm sugar and lime juice. Mix well.
4. Add cooked minced chicken and torch ginger to the mixed sauce.
5. Toss everything together with diced shallot, chopped coriander, chopped chili and chopped spring onions.
6. Adjust seasoning to taste.  

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