Sashimi bento sets from Japanese restaurants in Singapore that do delivery

Sashimi bento sets from Japanese restaurants in Singapore that do delivery

Fresh catch

Text: Eunice Sng

The thrill of seeing our sushi plates arrive on conveyor belts is what keeps us going back to our favourite Japanese restaurants. But sadly, Heightened Alert has disrupted those plans. If you can't wait to savour fresh sashimi ahead of the nation's reopening, though, why not order in some tasty bento boxes from our city's notable Japanese restaurants? Sure it might not replicate the same dining experience, but at least it'll stave off some of your hunger in the meantime. They are also ensured to be kept fresh during the transportation process. Below, we've put together a list of the best offerings tagged with island wide delivery services. Ready those chopsticks...


Miyu's menu changes with the season's offerings, and they only use the freshest ingredients air-flown directly from Japan. Expect high-quality Japanese cuisine — at reasonable prices. You can choose their Tori Karage Bento ($18) featuring premium Japanese rice with Tori Karage in tartar sauce, pickles and vegetables. Or if you want some meat, try the pork katsu counterpart. They also offer the Miyu Chirashi ($158) that incorporates Amaebi, Awabi, Hotate, Ikura, Kanpachi, Kani, Toro, Uni and Awabi Liver Sauce.

Click here to see the full menu. To order, WhatsApp +65 82083168.

Sun With Moon

Choose from an array of mouth-watering options by Sun With Moon. The contemporary Japanese restaurant serves up decadent platters enough to feed your whole family! Our recommendation? Get the Kaiseki Sushi Bento ($58), which consists of fatty tuna, yellowtail, sweet shrimp, scallop, grilled eel, salmon roe, salmon and salmon pink dragon sushi rolls. What's more, the set also comes with delicious appetisers like sweet omelette and grilled miso marinated codfish.

Order online via Oddle, or on Deliveroo and GrabFood.

The Gyu Bar

Enter wagyu haven with The Gyu Bar's selection. This artisanal gourmet restaurant offers a variety of premium bento sets that'll surely tantalise your tastebuds. Their Wagyu Uni Chirashi Bento ($54.20), for example, includes aburi wagyu, Hokkaido uni, ikura, tamago, yaki, and goma, where marinated marbled beef cubes are placed beside a generous helping of fresh sea urchin. And that's not all! You can also opt for the Truffle Wagyu Sirloin Sukiyaki Bento ($54.20), which contains wagyu sirloin sukiyaki, sliced truffle, ikura, goma, and an onsen egg placed on top of a of truffle rice. What's not to love?

Click here to register for an account and place your order, or call 9150 3164.


Using only the freshest fish directly imported from seafood markets in Japan, order sushi from Kyoten if you're looking for an indulgent meal. Kyoten is a strong advocate of sushi aging and they adhere strictly to traditional Japanese techniques, ensuring that everything you taste is of the highest quality. So it would make sense to try out their Omasake Bento ($320) that combines 12 pieces of sushi with 7 kinds of sashimi. On top of that, the meal also comes with uni and uwabi (otherwise known as abalone). A hearty feast, indeed.

Click here to see the takeaway menu. To order, call 6223 0213.

Sushi Kou

Sushi Kou features traditional 'Edo-style' sushi, bringing out the rich flavour of fish. And you're certainly in for an epicurean treat — Sushi Kou's Yoshio Sakuta is the only head chef of a sushi restaurant to receive two Michelin Stars in Singapore. Have a go at the Kou Special ($300+),  consisting of Toro (fatty tuna), steamed abalone, bahun uni, murasaki uni, ikura and the highest grade of caviar from France. To say this is a luxurious speciality would be an understatement.

Click here to view their menu. To order, WhatsApp 8591 1933 or call 6235 5670.