Be part of Salted & Hung’s first charcuterie masterclass

Be part of Salted & Hung’s first charcuterie masterclass

Hungry for meat?

Text: Janice Sim

Time to get your hands dirty in the name of good food

The idea of preparing a charcuterie board — a curated selection of delicious cured meats — can seem rather daunting, as compared to assembling a no-fuss cheese platter for your intimate dinner party. As much as charcuterie boards are rapidly becoming a hot favourite across restaurant tables, curing meats aren't the most common occurence in most household kitchens. The main reason? Curing is the technique of adding to meats a combination of salt, sugar, nitrite or nitrate for the purposes of preservation and flavour, and this in itself is an unfamiliar culinary skill, especially here in Asia. 

Here comes the good news: contemporary Australian restaurant Salted & Hung is about to launch their very first charcuterie masterclass monthly series, as led by chef Drew Nocente. He will be sharing and demonstrating how to make charcuterie and terrines from a range of cuts spanning across meats and seafood, such as beef eye round, pork collar, pork back fat, mackerel and hamachi. The informative masterclass series kicks off on 6 May, and will subsequently be held on the first Saturday of each month, with each class focusing on a specific meat or seafood, as well as curing method.

Salted & Hung charcuterie masterclass

"We wanted to be able to show people that charcuterie, terrines and sausages can be made at home with fresh, quality ingredients. It's not about merely stuffing bits of processed mystery meat into a casing and calling it a day," says Nocente.

Certainly, there's more to that. At every class, participating guests will get a shot at getting their hands dirty to prepare, brine and cure the selected meats and seafood themselves, followed by a four-course lunch to taste the fruit of their labour. The lunch menu also includes Salted & Hung's signature dishes, like their beef tongue and hamachi collar, and is served with a glass of wine or soft drink. Talk about the ultimate gastronomic experience to make your weekends more fulfilling.  

Keen to try this at home? Find an exclusive teaser recipe by Nocente, on how to cure mackerel, below.

Cured mackerel: Here's what you need

40g Salt
30g Sugar
1.5g Green Peppercorns
1.5g Black Peppercorns
1.5g Coriander Seeds
½ Orange Zest
1 Whole Mackerel
75ml Gin
6g Dry Cure 

Cured mackerel: How to make it

1.     Grind the pepper, coriander seeds and zest.
2.    Mix with salt and sugar.
3.    Combine equal amounts of gin and dry cure.
4.    Cure fish for two hours then lightly wash and keep refrigerated for up to two days. 

Each masterclass is priced at $68++. Bookings are available now via email or phone.

Salted & Hung. 12 Purvis Street. Tel: 6358 3130