Clan Café makes a hearty case for healthy grain bowls and local flavours

Clan Café makes a hearty case for healthy grain bowls and local flavours

Anything but ordinary

Text: Janice Sim

Image: Straits Clan

If you have yet to hear about Straits Clan's inviting cafe, it's about time you pay a visit

The thing about café grub? Our minds immediately picture ravenous brunch mobs scouring the island for the perfect eggs benedict and breakfast platters. That's all there really is to it. But here's one that dares to defy the norm — enter the Clan Café.

Figures; it is after all, an integral part of the innovative private members' club, Straits Clan. Predictability's not exactly its forte. For starters, the café (spaciously located in the club's beautiful lobby) is the only dining concept that's open to members of the public. God knows how much everyone will be missing out on if that wasn't the case.

Clan cafe

The menu is predominantly centered on healthy, hearty grain bowls, while dedicating themselves to a beverage programme cushioned with A.muse Projects tea blends and locally-brewed kombuchas. "We carefully developed fresh, health-forward Asian-inspired grain bowls, broths and tea blends as they're very reflective of the needs of today's discerning, modern diners while still referencing our Asian roots," says executive chef David Thien of Straits Clan.

The grain bowls served here are proof that healthy eating isn't just about making rabbit food look appetising, but are instead lavished with protein and essential nutrients. To top it all off, they're all accompanied with a piquant broth — that's when it really hits home. We say call for their miso salmon dish, adorned with carrot, lotus root kinpira, edamame, and sugar snaps. Even if you're not a vegetarian, their kakiage with genmaicha broth could just be an exception — the colourful tempura medley is filled with kale, mixed mushrooms, japanese sweet potato, aubergine, and mixed grains.

Clan cafe

Other lighter options include their chicken rempah salad, which has a perfectly grilled chicken thigh served atop a mix of cauliflower, mixed greens, grapes and pomegranate, and a light, crisp toast with a thick slice of otah sandwiched in between. Guests who still want their brunch classics can still get them — yes, eggs ben and avo sandwiches also grace the menu. 

But if you're sitting in the gorgeous Clan Café, do yourself a favour and make it worth the while. We'll start with one of their satisfying grain bowls and glass of tom yum kombucha. This might just be the new café norm to get ahead of now. 

31-37, Bukit Pasoh Rd, Tel: 6320 9180
Opening hours: 10am-10pm (closed on Sun) 

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