One for the long weekend: Late night dining hotspots

Forever hungry

One for the long weekend: Late night dining hotspots
Hungry at 10pm? These restaurants are putting in the hard yards to stay open way past your dinnertime

Fun fact: The later you stay up, the more ravenous you get. This is caused by blood sugar levels dropping below normal when our bodies are at rest once night falls. Hence, those hunger pangs kick in when our bodies are in dire need of glucose.  The funny thing is though, that somehow when our bodies manage to abide by a healthy sleep cycle — by that we mean asleep by midnight — our bellies return the favour by shutting off through the night without a hitch. But with the long weekend just around the corner (God bless you, Labour Day), it's the perfect excuse to skip sleep and get out. Especially when you can gather a group of your best friends, and languidly wine and dine the night away. 

Café Gavroche 

Tucked away from the city's hustle and the bustle is the charming Café Gavroche on Tras Street, where upon entering, you'd almost mistake it for a bistro in Paris. Wine aficionados will be delighted to know that this quaint aclove offers quality French wines at a reasonably small expense (we're talking nothing more than $100 per bottle). Café Gavroche prides themselves on paying homage to their French roots, by owning the largest pastis collection in Singapore, purposefully sourced from the South of France. Pair your drink of choice with a gooey baked camembert cheese or a refreshing smoked duck breast salad. 

Late night dining cafe gavroche

Opening hours: 12pm - 12am (last order at 10.30pm) 

69 Tras St, Tel: 6225 4869 


Don't be fooled by the loungy façade when you first walk into KUVO; there's definitely more to expect than greasy bar bites in this unassuming spot at the ground floor of Orchard Shopping Centre. Brought to you by the good folks at TCC, KUVO reveals itself to be a spacious oasis fueled by a generously extensive international menu. Their Kurobuta Yakiniku Donburi is one to satisfy any rumbling tummy, once you can bring yourself to break the delicately-perched onsen egg sitting atop a bed of sweet pork. Seafood lovers can also find solace in KUVO's Slipper Lobster and Grilled Octopus. The latter is inspired by the best of Spanish fare, and is made up of sous-vide octopus, baby potatoes and a sprinkle of smoked paprika.   

Late night dining kurobuta yakiniku donburi

Opening hours: 5pm-2am (last order at 1.30am)

#02-01 Orchard Shopping Centre, 321 Orchard Road. Tel: 6733 8272 

2am Dessert Bar

Nothing hits the spot better than sweet, sweet dessert at this modish spot headed up by renowned pastry chef Janice Wong. The interior at 2am Dessert Bar is sophisticated yet cosy, with stonewashed high top tables and side booths to accomodate small groups. It also features a snazzy open concept kitchen, when you can watch all the magic happen. Prepare to be in for a visual treat, as dessert boundaries — if there was such a thing — are pushed with Wong's inventive and progressive measures. For starters, their take on Sweet and Salty Popcorn is really a popcorn mousse paired with an invigorating passionfruit sorbet. And the Red Miso Caramel? We certainly didn't expect to find mustard within the varying flavours of miso and yuzu sorbet. If you're in for a night of happy surprises, this is it.

Late night dining 2am dessert bar

Opening hours: 2pm-2am (last order for desserts at 1am)

21A Lorong Liput, Holland Village, Tel: 6291 9727 

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