Restaurants in Singapore with vegetarian options that are as Instagrammable as they are delicious

Restaurants in Singapore with vegetarian options that are as Instagrammable as they are delicious

Gaga for green

Text: Amy Van

Vegetarian options are no longer a scarcity in today's F&B landscape. We list the most stunning plant-based creations from our city's famed restaurants

Name of dish: English Garden
Where you can find it: Jaan 

Chef Kirk Westaway's "English Garden" is reminiscent of the freshly picked fruits and vegetables he had when growing up in Devon, England. Surprisingly Jaan's chef de cuisine grew up eating a plant-based diet, as his parents were staunch vegetarians. When he started his culinary career, he decided to stop being a vegetarian. The 33-year-old chef has recently launched a series of beautifully-plated modern British dishes for the one-Michelin-starred restaurant at Swissotel. In this plant-based creation, the combination of multi-coloured seasonal vegetables includes baby carrots, Romesco leaves, kohlrabi, tomatoes, baby gem lettuce, white cauliflowers, broccolis and radishes. The vegetable medley is paired with a slightly salty-sweet black olive powder and savoury anchovy dressing. What's clever is that the dish is presented with a custom-made watering can filled with a light Scottish seaweed and herb broth. You simply water the "garden" with this broth before you tuck in. Kirk says that he takes eight minutes to plate each dish. You can toss everything together, or munch on the veggies piece by piece. Our advice? Take your time to enjoy every single goodness on the plate.

Vegetarian dishes

Name of dish: Celeriac
Where you can find it: Saint Pierre

Fine dining modern European restaurant Saint Pierre now has more vegetarian dishes on its a la carte menu. There are also full vegetarian options for the degustation and set menus. If you want a perfectly executed plant-based dish, this is one chef who really knows how to work his veggies — chef-owner Emmanuel Stroobant switched to a vegetarian diet about seven years ago. He coins this particular dish "Celeriac". Artfully presented like a flower, the ingredients consist of black winter truffle and confit of celeriac, with a drizzling of soy jus for that welcome umami kick. This is one of the vegetarian options in Saint Pierre's current set lunch menu. 

Vegetarian dishes

Name of dish: Oxheart tomato salad
Where you can find it: Mezza9

Mezza9 has recently rolled out a new menu highlighting a range of sustainable and plant-based dishes. The menu is crafted by Chef Lucas Glanville, director of culinary operations, who champions the sustainability programme at Grand Hyatt Singapore. He also spearheaded the move to source quality-driven seafood, certified by Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) for the hotel. On top of this, the kitchens use fresh organic herbs from the hotel's rooftop gardens, as well as organic greens from cooperative farms in Singapore and Cameron Highlands. Diners can witness culinary showmanship at the show kitchens and savour a variety of vibarnt dishes including this oxheart tomato salad composed of juicy sliced ox heart tomatoes, scattered with glittering pomegranate, shallots, tarragon, fresh mint, and a touch of sumac.

Vegetarian dishes

Name of dish: Potato, Seed, Soil  
Where you can find it: Cure 

Cure has just introduced its new micro-seasonal menus, which includes specially curated plant-based offerings. Chef-owner Andrew Walsh uses locally grown produce for his menu that changes frequently. Various options that have been rolled out include the light and refreshing Beetroot Tartare with blood orange and creme fraiche; and this Potato, Seed, Soil dish.

Walsh prepares twice-cooked mashed potatoes served with a seaweed sauce made with vegetable stock, cooked and infused with Japanese seaweed. This is served with a sauce of pureed seaweed, adding a salty umami element to the dish. According to the chef, the idea is to use potato, which is very popular in Ireland (especially with the history of the Irish potato famine) to honour the late Joël Robuchon. "To represent the soil in which potato is grown in, a hazelnut chocolate garlic soil is used. For texture, the dish is plated with chips of potato skins, tempura shallot rings, sea purslane, dogfennel, nasturtium leaf and baby tarragon," he says.

Vegetarian dishes

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