Restaurants in Singapore with a grocery arm: Burnt Ends, Direct To Masses, Bakalaki, and more

Restaurants in Singapore with a grocery arm: Burnt Ends, Direct To Masses, Bakalaki, and more

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Text: Cheryl Lai-Lim

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In a strange twist of events, it took a global pandemic to get us more involved in the kitchen. Where we could actually use the perfectly glossy countertops and search for pans that come in all shapes and sizes. Aligned to that, are restaurants that have also identified that need and have responded with a grocery arm of their own. Some pre-existing, some newly-formed, here are the restaurants we love that serve up more than just a completed dish. Whip up your very own culinary masterpiece from your own kitchen with these artisanal goods.


Helmed by Michelin-star chef Beppe De Vito, Grammi is a digital platform that delivers Italian-Mediterranean ready-to-eat meals, artisanal drinks and groceries straight to your doorstep. Launched earlier in the year, the online grocery shop stocks gourmet ingredients like Burrata cheese and artisanal dried pasta to tantalising sauces the likes of truffle mushroom pesto and olive paste. Plus, they offer islandwide same-day delivery, so you'd be dishing up Italian meals in no time.

Shop Grammi here.


Besides boasting gorgeous coastlines and monumental archaeological sites, Greece is also home to some of the most delectable food in the world. Whilst you might not be able to fly to Athens for tzatziki, you can rustle up Greek-inspired dishes with ingredients from Bakalaki. Apart from their delectable Mediterranean menu, the restaurant and taverna also has a deli for customers to shop Greek treats. Snap up a selection of olives, Greek honey, traditional sweets, Greek wines and more. Both delivery and store pickup options are available.

Shop Bakalaki's Deli here.

Burnt Ends

Wine and pastries? Name us a better combo. In addition to being an established modern Australian barbecue restaurant, the bakery and cellar arms of Burnt Ends are equally illustrious. Enjoy an extensive selection of wine from the Burnt Ends Cellar, where you'll find a perfect pairing to nearly every dish you bring to the table. Besides a smorgasbord of baked treats ranging from brioche doughnuts to focaccia bread, you'll also find curated pantry selections like seasonal jams, beef marmalade, and even a DIY Sanger kit at Burnt Ends Bakery.

Shop Burnt Ends Cellar here and Burnt Ends Bakery here.

Direct To Masses

A 'mod con' (modern convenience) method of obtaining restaurant-quality grub from the comforts to your home, Direct To Masses offers additive-free food that's quick and easy to prepare at any time. A venture off The Masses, offerings from Direct To Masses are created to meet the needs of a modern fast-paced convenience without compromising on quality and nutrition. Customers can enjoy savoury nibbles the likes of crackling roasted pork and duck leg confit, all made to be heated up in under 30 minutes with textures and flavours intact.

Shop Direct To Masses here.

So France

Travelling to France for a holiday might be off the table right now, but you can still laden your (dining) table with French food. A three-in-one bistro, terrasse and épicerie, So France is the place to enjoy authentic French fare under one roof. Better yet, they have an online retail store offering over 500 artisanal and homemade French products, so you can get a slice of France without ever stepping out of the house. The selection includes wines and spirits, pâtés, cheeses and cold cuts, foie gras and more, so you can live out your best Emily in Paris life.

Shop So France here.

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