Nouri's upcoming collaboration pays homage to the underrated flavours of Malaysia

Nouri's upcoming collaboration pays homage to the underrated flavours of Malaysia

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Text: Janice Sim

Collabs are still the way to go in 2018. This upcoming one hits sentimentally close to home

Nouri first caught our attention with its eclectic and distinctive interpretation of combining various global culinary influences onto a single plate, thanks to the direction of chef-owner Ivan Brehm (previously known for leading The Kitchen at Bacchanalia to its first Michelin Star in 2016). His style is termed "crossroads cooking", where food is used as a universal language to merge differing cultural backgrounds together.

Restaurant Nouri Chef Ivan

One of the destinations Nouri is calling out for their first four-hands collaboration of the year? Peninsular Malaysia, which has been a prime yet underrated source for many of the ingredients from the restaurant. Tapping onto the heart of Malaysia, Nouri has naturally brought in the big guns and joined forces with head chef Darren Teoh from Dewakan, revered as the pioneer of Kuala Lumpur's fine dining scene. Known for diving deep into the nuances of Malaysian cuisine and cultures, Chef Darren also sets himself apart by concocting inventive servings of modern Malaysian fare like Bario rice porridge and Bidor duck breast.

Restaurant Nouri Chef Ivan

The marriage of the two aims to dish out flavours and techniques that represent Peninsular Malaysia as one of the main foundations for Southeast Asian cooking, through a 5-course lunch as well as a 7-course dinner. Expect to dig into delicious plates of nasi ulam, which features aromatic rice velouté, puffed rice and various herbs, as well as a interesting spice rendition of mango curry. Your sweet tooth will also be teased with a tapioca honeycomb cake, lavished with semut jam tea ice-cream.

Restaurant Nouri collab Restaurant Dewakan

That said, you might just be inspired to make a spontaneous trip down to our neighbouring country, after having tasted this stellar line-up. After all, it is only a few hours' drive away. 

Nouri's 4 Hands Experience with Darren Teoh will showcase on 17 January. Click here to make a reservation. 

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