Here's where you can buy rare Japanese whiskies

Here's where you can buy rare Japanese whiskies


Text: Denise Kok

Where hyper-rare, mythical drams come out to play

Let's face it. The Japanese love their whisky and work on keeping plenty of the good stuff within their borders. Outside of Japan, you'll be hard-pressed to find rare and sought-after bottlings from Japanese distilleries — much less distilleries that have shuttered production. Besides raising your paddle at Bonham's or Christie's, there's now another platform — Luxglove — for you to drop some serious cash on exclusive pours, some of which costs more than the price of a small island. 

Luxglove might be an online marketplace proffering a treasure trove of jewellery, art, watches, and furniture from sellers and dealers within Asia, but their newly launched whisky category is set to draw in a new market of customers who understand the restorative powers of a rare dram. 

Nikka 40

A first-edition 50-year-old Mizunara cask Yamazaki sounds almost implausible, but yes, it exists and you'll find it here. At $85,000, it could very well be yours. Another aged beauty we spotted is the Karuizawa 1963 50-year-old. The last time it emerged at a Bonham's auction, paddle wars ensued. It has long been considered the holy grail of Japanese whiskies, holding its weight long after the distillery pulled the plug on whisky production back in 2011. Looking for something a little more affordable? You'll find the Nikka Taketsuru 35-year-old priced at $4,590. To the seasoned whisky collector, it's pretty much just loose change. 

Below, some hyper-rare drams to elevate your home bar. 

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