Raffles Courtyard x PasirPanjangBoy: A series of collabs with private dining chefs to come

Raffles Courtyard x PasirPanjangBoy: A series of collabs with private dining chefs to come

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Text: Janice Sim

As far as private dining experiences go in Singapore, they are as covetable as they come. Getting waitlisted in the long haul — say a few months — is pretty much the norm these days. Especially when you're looking at a good number of hungry gourmands vie for a seat at a table in the homes of household names (literally). And that's not counting the chefs who have their own by-invite-only preference list. Exclusivity, you see.


But if you're willing to discard the intimacy and social honour that comes with a private dining experience, Raffles Courtyard at one of our city's most prestigious hotels have rolled out an enticing proposition. A collaborative series with a couple of private dining chefs — where you can tuck into the same grub as one would in an elaborate meal scheduled in a month or so. First on the line-up is the culinary duo behind PasirPanjangBoy, well-loved for their authentic take on Peranakan cuisine. Following the fond memories of chef Tinoq Goh, who grew up in the company of machiks in a kampung, there are no shortcuts with the recipes of PasirPanjangBoy. Behind every dish, seals in plenty of heart, soul, and not to mention, hours of laborious work assisted by chef Dylan Chan.

Beef rendang

In this special pop-up, a curated menu comprising of the duo's most popular dishes. First up, ngoh hiang, a forminable blend of minced meat, plump prawns, crunchy water chestnuts wrapped in savoury beancurd skin. After which, it is marinated with a secret homemade five spice blend then deep-fried twice. It's a chunkier bite, as chef Tinoq exclaims to how it's vastly different to his mother's rendition, while admitting that she's not the biggest fan of his way of making ngoh hiang. The meat within every roll is juicy and perfectly flavoured and they've also made sure to add plenty of shallots for a fair bit of sweetness. Fork tender beef rendang is also on the list, as it's decadently lathered with aromatic spices while soaking up every bit of the homemade rempah. To not let anything go to waste, there's fried mantous that go alongside it — to lap up every bit of the sinfully rich paste.

Prawn noodle

On Wednesdays, you'll get an extra offering. Their prawn noodles, which give good reason to why you should only swing by on Wednesdays to enjoy the full experience of PasirPanjangBoy. According to chef Tinoq, what makes a good broth boils down to an excessive load of prawn heads, then caramelised and fried with shallots and garlic till the mix is dry. They then rope in pork skin to boil — cultivating a piquant, reddish concoction brimming with umami, completely devoid of any MSG. Of course, to properly indulge in this, book a seat at dinner time. That way you won't be facing off with the scorching heat in the outdoor courtyard while slurping on this.

PasirPanjangBoy specialities will be available daily at Raffles Courtyard from 3pm to 9pm, starting from 12 March to 11 April 2021.