Introducing Quayside, every foodie’s dream neighbourhood

Introducing Quayside, every foodie’s dream neighbourhood

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Text: Janice Sim

Image: Aaron Pocock

The one-stop destination for your weekend food trails

Robertson Quay is known for many impressionable things — iconic multi-coloured bridges, the charming riverfront, dog-walkers with their friendly pups, and last but not least, more than what it's often given credit for, the bustling dining scene in the heart of Quayside.  

The relaxing neighbourhood boasts a plethora of food options that vary across a wide spectrum of cuisines such as Mexican, Chinese, American, and Japanese. Crave it? They've got it. The best part is they're all lined up side by side for your picking, so you won't ever have to walk too far just to get to your dinner destination.

Bring an empty stomach, because it's hard to just stop at one with all the alluring options at Quayside. No judgement here, as we've already done all the exploring — well, by exploring we really mean chomping our way around the neighbourhood. Below, you'll find our top picks.


Calling all carnivores; here's a wholesome stopover that's worth your time and attention. Decker is Singapore's only all-wood smoked barbecue, hailing in fresh meats daily and smoked slowly overnight. Their beef brisket is a must-try, withholding the right amount of fat and tender meat — a delicious amalagation of flavourful dry spices and gaminess. Another one of their specialties? Their house blend of vodka-tea (spiked with a generous amount of spirit), that's sold by the jug and bottle. We say three cheers to that. 

quayside decker singapore

60 Robertson Quay, #01-17, Tel: 6635 8565


Endless summer vibes... sounds perfect for our all-year round tropical climate. Leaning on its Eastern Mediterranean forte, Summerlong encompasses a breezy café where you and your best buds can enjoy sharing plates of beachside treats, like roasted sweet potatoes, chilli hummus or an indulgent platter of grilled seafood. If you're looking for a fuller meal, we'd definitely recommend their signature crispy Persian fried chicken, served with mint sauce, harissa and dukkah dippings. Finally, wash it all down with their signature cocktails — because life's a beach whenever you sip on one. 

quayside summerlong singapore

60 Robertson Quay, #01-04, Tel: 6235 1225


The word, "Dabbawalla", refers to lunch delivery men hailing from Mumbai. No prizes for guessing then, that this restaurant is one that specialises in authentic Mumbai cuisine, housed in a trendy setting fitted with high stools and industrial décor. Their famous curries all have a one to 10 spice level tagged to them, but be warned — we tried number 5, and already found ourselves housing a slow building burn. If you love spicy curries, this is definitely the place for you. Be sure to also try their chicken cheese kebabs, as they're well-seasoned and grilled to perfection.

quayside dabbawalla singapore

60 Robertson Quay, #01-10, Tel: 6235 6134

Super Loco

No stranger to the Mexican food scene here is Super Loco, the brainchild of the same folks who brought us Lucha Locho and millennial favourite, Tanjong Beach Club, at Sentosa. Gather your pals and order a round of tacos here — who can resist soft tortilla wraps with bountiful fillings of aromatic roast lamb or barbecued ox cheek? We definitely found ourselves loading up more than we should have. If you prefer something lighter, Super Loco's ceviches will hit all the right spots.

60 Robertson Quay, #01-13, Tel: 6235 8900

Alt. Pizza

Fun, fresh, and inventive are words you might not neccesarily attribute to an all-American slice of pizza. After all, how special can a pizza be? But Alt. Pizza challenges that notion with innovative flavours and toppings on their menu, founded with a thin base of soft pizza dough. It's light enough to order more than you normally would, especially when you're torn between the "Truffle Shuffle" (cream sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, fennel sausage, roasted onions, parmesan, white truffle oil) and "Lean and Green" (roasted garlic pesto, broccoli, baby spinach, roasted squash, mozzarella). 

quayside singapore alt pizza

60 Robertson Quay, #01-06, Tel: 6733 0790