PS.Gourmet rolls out Chopstix and Popsup, delivery spin-offs from PS.Cafe and Chopsuey

PS.Gourmet rolls out Chopstix and Popsup, delivery spin-offs from PS.Cafe and Chopsuey

Alter egos

Text: Janice Sim

It's been quite the dissociation, the feeling of dining in a restaurant. From procuring a table to marveling at the silverware, we can still fondly remember our experience eating out before the circuit breaker became a common term. That includes our last visit to one of PS.Gourmet's establishments, circled around light leaking through, statement floral displays, and the anticipation of that stack — you know which stack – of truffle fries.

Of course, that experience can only be relived once we're done with May, but the good news is that PS.Gourmet has served up delivery alternatives — three of them to be exact. Riffed off their notable concepts like PS.Cafe and Chopsuey, are Popsup and Chopstix. The third happens to be one just for wines, gins, and cocktails — dubbed Sipsy.


It's a fun iteration from the brands and more importantly, created at a lower price point for all items on the menu. In a precarious time where takeout and delivery raise the stakes on environmental waste, PS.Gourmet has dissolved that emerging problem with fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

On days where you're in the mood for American-Chinese, Chopstix's wok fried broccoli, superfood fried rice, and perhaps a side of spicy kung pow chicken could make for the perfect TV dinner. Gluten-free and vegetarian options are also readily available on the menu — with the brand's tie-up with Impossible Foods.


Popsup's heart and soul lies in the burgers — notably the No.41 Burger (a nod to PS.Cafe Petit at Tiong Bahru) where a succulent beef patty, sautéed mushrooms, onions, spinach, and cheese come together in one hearty bite. You can also choose from tantalising options like the teriyaki chicken burger and the Impossible Burger. Apart from the delicious buns, localised selects from PS.Cafe like the Popsup Mee Goreng are also available. Don't forget that side of truffle fries before checking out.

Aperol Spritz

For a celebratory night in, Sipsy's accessible cocktail bundles make it easy to set up your own bar at home. Garnishes and other mixers are included within, just so your night can be complete with a negroni. Otherwise, you'll do swell merely with their selection of gins and wines.

Chopstix, Popsup, and Sipsy are all available on various delivery platforms like Deliveroo and also on PS.Cafe's website here. Self-collection is also available.