Introducing Panamericana, the coolest bar grill to land on Sentosa

Introducing Panamericana, the coolest bar grill to land on Sentosa

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Text: Janice Sim

Buro's exclusive first look at the newest bar grill, Panamericana at Sentosa Golf Club

Who knew the world's longest motorable road could be the key inspiration for a dining hotspot all the way in Singapore?

Known for its dramatic landscapes and mesmerising views overlooking over 50,000 km of open road connecting North, Central and South America, the Pan-American Highway stands as a iconic gateway reprising various cultures and cuisines — a.k.a. the main premise for Panamericana, the hottest bar grill to open at Sentosa Golf Club.

Panamericana Sentosa Golf Club

The location is pretty spot-on if you love a good hideout with sweeping views of the South China Sea. It's breezy, colonial-chic and in the day, guests can enjoy natural light breathing life into the entire space. Tables are cleverly shuffled up — there's a perfect spot for everyone whether you're a solo diner, a chummy couple or a motley crew.  

No prizes for guessing what the grub here's like: it's a heady mix of North, Central and South America's best. Think bold flavours of prime meats, charred greens and a bundle of spices. Swearing by a farm-to-fire approach, the main scene-stealer is the restaurant's brick-encased asador, a traditional pit where whole meats are grilled in plain view. Our tip? Make sure to grab a seat right in front to catch the sizzling action up close.

Panamericana Sentosa Golf Club

Encouraging communal dining in the form of sharing plates, start off with their ceviche, comprising of fresh snapper rubbed with chilli, coconut milk, citrus, paw paw and coriander. Unlike a typical Italian burrata, their version comes accompanied with grilled zucchini, shallots and salsa verde — our current new favourite combination. Next up, the bigger plates — their salt-baked trout was a piquant take on the restaurant's freshest catch, and their tender skirt steak, served medium, and drizzled with mustard seed caviar left us wanting more. To balance all that weight, pair it with a generous side of their British Columbia, a refreshing salad mix of fennel, apple, beetroot, red cabbage and birdseeds. 

Panamericana Sentosa Golf Club

Panamericana isn't just passionate about food; the other half of its persona is attributed to its horseshoe bar located near the restaurant's entrance. Helmed by their effervescent beverage manager, Ricky Paiva, no holds are barred when it comes to creating a delicious tipple. Wind down with a glass of Paiva's special White Wine Sangria, a soothing glass of pisco, sauvignon blanc, Cointreau and an array of summertime fruits or their Grown-Up Fanta (basically a Fanta Orange spiked with aperol and prosecco). As far as the drink list goes, it runs on longer than their food menu — which can only bode well for us. 

Panamericana Sentosa Golf Club

Once only known to veteran golfers clad in visors and polo T-shirts, the entry of Panamericana signals a promising direction for the overlooked golf club. You're looking at your next weekend hideout.

Sentosa Golf Club, 27 Bukit Manis Road, Tel: 6253 8182
Opening hours: (Wed-Fri) 12pm-11pm, (Sat-Sun) 9am-11pm

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