Origin + Bloom: Marina Bay Sands Hotel's new cafe serves artisanal pastries, hearty sandwiches, and cold-drip coffee

Origin + Bloom: Marina Bay Sands Hotel's new cafe serves artisanal pastries, hearty sandwiches, and cold-drip coffee

Originality reigns

Text: Evan Mua

One of Singapore's most iconic buildings, Marina Bay Sands (MBS) has been touted for extraordinary experiences — be it a club encompassing a ferris wheel or offering a slew of gastronomic establishments. Now, the typical affluent flair of our city's biggest mall takes it down a notch in a new minimalist pâtisserie at the hotel's lobby known as Origin + Bloom.


Its modern façade is almost reminiscent of a Melbourne street cafe, while the interior is furnished with luxurious touches — like you'd expect from MBS. The use of space is pleasantly evident; inviting patrons to take a gander within the stylish hybrid of a cafe-bistro. The menu is ambitious (in a good way) ⁠— offering a smorgasbord of food atypical of local cafes, offering up everything from savoury sandwiches, European-styled pastries to their home-made chocolate bars. Apart from the routine coffees and teas, you'll also find kombuchas and healthy juices at the ready.


Personal experience tells us that the best coffee is often from artisan brewers, but the apprehension quickly dissolved with the sights and smells of their astounding house blend of premium beans. The cold drip coffee had an intense depth of flavour; its robust profile was chocolate-tinged but still allowed for a gentle fruitiness to peek through. Then we were introduced to the mazagran, which mystified us with its components a mix of zesty lemon juice and the cold drip we were left smitten with the balanced and refreshing concoction.


Food wise, we were floored by the handmade pastries developed by Chef Antonio Benites, executive pastry chef of MBS ⁠— a treat for both the eyes and the palate. The showstopper was undoubtedly the Mango, magically moulded to look like the fruit. Cutting open the pastry revealed a mousse loaded with mango fragrance, and a molten lychee-passionfruit jelly. For chocolate lovers, the Black Symphony's decadent mix of salted caramel mousse, dark chocolate pecan brownies and cocoa crumble base would definitely hit the spot.

The whole 9 yards

The savouries, consisting of sandwiches, salad and yoghurt parfaits, also claimed an advantage on fresh ingredients. The Whole 9 Yards featured layer after layer of premium gourmet meats, ranging from chorizo to gammon ham — albeit we wished there were more layers. The No.65 also endearingly introduced chicken rice to baguette, though the ginger and coriander might prove to be too adventurous for some. Especially if you're a purist when it comes to your local eats. Meanwhile, we know where we'll be heading to for our next pick-me-up...

Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Tower 3 Lobby
Operating Hours: 7am-10pm (Daily)
Tel: 6688 8588