A breakdown of eco-friendly wines and why you should be drinking them

A breakdown of eco-friendly wines and why you should be drinking them

Sustainability matters

Text: Janice Sim

It's 2018. Here's how we can be starting the year right and saving the earth, one sip at a time

Have you ever wondered what goes into your glass of wine? Perhaps it's about time to, especially if you're an avid drinker of the common red, white, and bubbly. The truth is, your typical bottle of domestic wine contains a chockful of antioxidants (which is good) but amongst its benefits, are harmful addictives, chemicals, and a ton of sugar that are usually added to improve the colour, texture or flavour. 

If your New Year's resolution was to drink less and lead a healthier life, we might have the solution. You can take control of what goes into your body while saving the environment, by choosing wines that are organic, natural, and biodynamic. It all boils down to the prevalence of sustainability. By supporting young and passionate winemakers that make the conscious effort to grow organic grapes, these wines contain less chemicals, reduce your chances of a hangover, and are better for the environment. 

Clueless on which kind to stick with? Dellarossa Wine, a fine wine specialist featuring organic, natural, and biodynamic types, breaks it down for us below. 

These are made from grapes that have been harvested without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals. While it does not miraculously classify your wine as healthy (as what you're ingesting is still alcohol), organic wine does contain half the maximum legal limit of sulphur dioxide, a common preservative in wine that causes horrible hangovers. A helpful heads-up for anyone still recovering from New Year's Eve.  

Try these: Paolo Cali, 2003 ViolinoValentina Cubi, 2003 Morar Amarone Classico Della Valpolicella Doc

Organic wines dellarosa

Natural wines are produced using the same techniques which our ancestors abided by 8000 years ago. Unlike conventional wines, natural wines are characterised by the least possible intervention, without using any chemical yeasts, vitamins, enzymes, reverse osmosis, and powdered tannins. 

Try these: Gianfranco Diano, 2013 SuberTenuta Di Castellaro, 2016 Bianco Pomice

Dellarosa organic wines

Biodynamic wines are also organic but in addition to omitting pesticides, the entire making process is sustainable. The wines are harvested in accordance to the lunar cycle — from planting to pruning, every task and form of human interaction is premeditated to ensure the least impact on the environment. The flavours are usually more vibrant and complex than any store-bought wine. 

Try these: Porta Del Vento, 2015 Saharay; Porta Del Vento, 2016 Voria

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