Why Opus Bar & Grill will sate any steak lover

Why Opus Bar & Grill will sate any steak lover

Bring on the meat sweats

Text: Janice Sim

The secret lies in a certain Himalayan salt tile cabinet

There are days when we scour the island for a comforting bowl of noodles, and there are days when we want nothing more than to demolish a good slab of steak. When the latter happens, set your sights on a obscure bar-grill that's tucked away in none other than the Hilton Singapore.

The three-year-old Opus Bar & Grill prides itself on delivering the best of land, sea and soil. That said, prime cuts are undoubtedly what the restaurant does best — credit given to their special Himalayan salt tile cabinet as well as a full charcoal open flame grill. Diners will be spoilt for choice — whether you're craving an angus porterhouse, angus rib or tenderloin, finding the perfect cut is an easy deal at Opus. When it comes to their sides, narrow the slew of options down to their garlic mash, truffle fries and a much-needed dose of house salad.  

Opus Grill & Bar

Of course, we strongly encourage going straight for the 500g Australian Westholme wagyu sirloin. Opt for it to be seared medium — that's how you'll enjoy it best. This delicate cut is caramelised, rosy pink in the middle, and piped with a smoky aroma. Pair it with the 500g whole Boston Lobster, that's also grilled over the open flame, for an added kick. Feeling extra ravenous? Their whiskey-aged California Tomahawk will definitely satisfy your ferocious appetite.

Opus Grill & Bar

Meats aside, Opus also serves up a mean seafood spread. Tagged with an MSC (Marine Stewardship Council)'s Chain of Custody certification, dishes like the Glacier 51 toothfish fillet and Atlantic scallops are prepared with sources that were sustainably procured. Ending the heavy meal on a sweet note? Keep your choice of dessert refreshing and tangy with a grilled honey pineapple doused with vanilla ice-cream, and crumble on the side for a clever texture play. 

Take it from us, you'll sleep easy after a night at Opus Bar & Grill. 

Lobby Level, Hilton Singapore, Tel: 6730 3390
Opening hours: 6:30pm-10.30pm