Online artisanal food shops in Singapore: Plant-based tempeh, nyonya kueh, tiered cakes and more

Online artisanal food shops in Singapore: Plant-based tempeh, nyonya kueh, tiered cakes and more

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Text: Janice Sim Corinne Cheah

Today's competitive food and beverage industry has taught us that mass-production just doesn't cut it anymore. We're eager to hear the buzzwords of 'small-batch', 'exclusive', 'online' and 'homemade' in a business — where the chances of finding something extraordinary to chomp on would be much higher. Lucky for us, thanks to technology as well as producers who are geuninely passionate about food, more local made-to-order businesses are sprouting up on our Instagram feeds and Google pages. Below, we put together a list that allows you to order everything from a packet of lip-smackingly good briyani to plant-based tempeh. While stocks last, of course. 

Briyani from Global Mat Soul Kitchen

Getting your hands on owner and chef Ahmad Zahid's coveted briyani isn't that easy. First, you have to request to follow his private Instagram account — @globalmatsoulkitchen. Then wait, before he accepts your follow request. Once you're in, you have to wait again before he posts an update of what time he will be setting up shop. Even then, you won't be guaranteed a "seat" at his table. Packets of his sought-after basmati (that rotates between ingredients of goat, chicken, stingray) typically sell out like hotcakes. Chef Zahid's advantage lies in elusivity as well as his efferverscent portrayal of black metal nuances in his captions. A good tip? Switch on your notification on Instagram to be notified so to not miss out. Globalmat

Tempeh from Tempeh Culture 

Thanks to founder and journalist, Zee's zeal for preserving his culinary heritage, we get to enjoy organic tempeh of an inherited family recipe. Lauded for its plant-based and high-protein properties, Tempeh Culture aims to spread the love to Singaporeans with its handmade soybean cakes. They come in four flavours: Original soy, soy and roasted sesame seeds, soy and flax seeds and soy, flax seeds and roasted sesame seeds. Tempeh

Nyonya kueh from Ahmahzing 

Everything here is churned out in owner Keith's humble abode. What started out as a hobby that pays homage to his grandmother and heritage has turned into a small online business selling sticky signatures that we grew up eating. Popular orders include the bright red ang ku kueh that is made with a chewy sweet potato skin filled generously with mung beans. You can find other familiar items such as kueh selat (pressed sticky rice topped with a pandan-flavoured coconut egg custard) and kueh bingka ubi (baked tapioca cake). Kueh

Cakes at Baker's Brew

Tucked among a row of shophouses in Sembawang back in 2015, Baker's Brew has expanded to providing two core services: Baking classes and customising celebratory cakes. Their cakes can be tailor-made according to how you'd like them to be — whether it be a two-tier birthday cake or a massive five-tier wedding cake. Baker's Brew

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