Non-turkey options for Christmas this year: Direct to Masses, Summerhill, CÉ LA VI and more

Non-turkey options for Christmas this year: Direct to Masses, Summerhill, CÉ LA VI and more

No room for cold turkey

Text: Azrin Tan

The Christmas peer pressure might instigate most of our festive dinners to comprise of up a huge turkey centerpiece, but let's face it, not all of us are fans of the foreign bird. Especially when it isn't cooked the way we like it. So if you belong to the muffled-in-silence clan, make your stand this December. Switch up your table spread with these other options — instead of cold turkey — with these salivating picks, that shine the better spotlight on other mains.

X'MAS Porchetta from Direct To Masses

Served up on a fancy Christmas platter, Direct To Masses will have your innate desire for some fusion fare, fulfilled in no time with their X'MAS Porchetta. This crackling delight is set to be a juicy number; as the porchetta undergoes a traditional Cantonese slow roast in a drum oven to achieve its crunchy texture after it is stuffed with more ingredients such as dried Greek figs, black prunes, sage and thyme to ensure maximum flavor. If you're housing something a little more intimate, you can even opt to purchase by the slice, as each slice is individually packed.

Free delivery for purchases $100 and above. Purchase your Porchetta here.

Spiced Roasted Duck Breast from Fat Prince

Middle Eastern cuisine, redefined. An exotic twist is enacted on the usual Christmas grub, notably by the one and only Fat Prince that seeks to defy tradition of their foods and explore the creative cultivations that their rich culture holds. Their Spiced Roasted Duck Breast sets to explore a sweeter sensation with the caramelized and pumpkin purée on its sides. Finish off your course meal with them with a Turkish Lemon Tart and their signature pudding as a perk me up that pays ode to the traditional fare still.

Find out more about Fat Prince Christmas Menu here.

Lobster Bisque Pot Pie from Summerhill

Imagine shelled (yes, no manual work for you) sous vide lobster, lobster bisque and foie gras — all in one. This lobster bisque pot pie is a rich offering worthy of any special occasion. The whole, shelled sous vide lobster zucchini, fennel and fresh herbs are conjoined to ensure a textural affair: one where pastry, tender lobster meat and herbal infusions come together to produce a burst of flavor in your mouth. Definitely up on the Christmas menu alley, as this main dish at Summerhill comes alongside other alternative picks from the dining house such as duck leg confit and Spanish Batallé pork collar. Of course, should you wish to focus on the sole decadence of the pie, you can opt to add pan seared foie gras to complete the meal.

Find out more about Summerhill's Christmas Menu here.

Pan-fried Barramundi Fillet from Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro

If you'e feeling a little peckish for seafood instead, this gorgeous barramundi might be in to surprise you. Part of a humble festive menu offering from Arbora, the entire series of courses features just enough of its jolly infusions but keeps to its foothold with the likes of its fresh barramundi. Served with roasted potatoes, brussel sprouts, and a mouth-watering Kabayaki glaze over it, the pick still comes as a delight after its standout appetisers of a mushroom and chestnut salad, and the Velouté of Carrot. After all, it strays far from the usual meaty option, a possible plus for those who wish to go healthier on the meal.

Find out more about Arbora here.

Binchontan Grilled Cauliflower & EggPlant from CÉ LA VI

Get your must-have share of the Singapore skyline as you deck all out at CÉ LA VI — the famed restaurant of Marina Bay Sands Singapore. Whilst the famous grub is offering multiple set course meals, the standout for some perhaps might be their attunement to alternative needs such as vegetarian-friendly dishes. For those who're looking to give the classic options a pass for one of those friendly gatherings, opt for their Binchontan Grilled Cauliflower & Eggplant that comes with a decadent black truffle soy glaze. The eggplant coulis and couscous not only come as a perfect swerve away from the typical meats, but is also a beautiful pairing alongside its precursors such as the Black Truffle Butternut Squash "Sushi Rice" Risotto.

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