New cocktails to try at The Powder Room

New cocktails to try at The Powder Room

An elegant throwback

Text: Varsha Sivaram

Image: The Powder Room

Vintage barware. Plush interiors. Killer cocktails.

From The Great Gatsby to flapper dresses, the enduring fascination with 1920s America seems unlikely to fade. And why should it? We can't help but be enamoured by the rich, luxe aesthetic of the time, and The Powder Room — with its vintage barware and plush setting — draws us straight into those glory days. 

Known for its inventive cocktails, The Powder Room (sitting on the second floor of The Black Swan) has recently revamped its drink menu to proffer new, playful cocktails alongside such existing ones as the best-selling B.B. King: a rich, banana-infused concoction for whisky-lovers. If you've yet to try it, heed our fair warning – its final spicy notes offer quite the kick.

B.B. King

Julian Serna, formerly of Eau De Vie in Sydney and now group bar mentor of The Lo & Behold Group, is the man behind the new and improved menu. Drawing inspiration from the glamour of the Roaring '20s, the new concoctions pave the way for slick bar theatrics involving liquid nitrogen, smoked glasses, and more visual delights. 

The surprises don't end there. Fancy some bubble gum in your tipple? Call for the Bubble Yum. Its base of house-infused bubble gum vodka is topped off with prosecco, triple sec, lime, fresh mint, and raspberry purée. Anticipating a sugary-sweet finish, I was instead greeted with more of the citrus notes coming through. It might be anti-climatic for the sweet-toothed, but I love how it prevents the drink from being too cloying.

Thank You for Smoking

A drink I'll return for is Thank You for Smoking, comprising barrel-aged coffee whisky, port reduction, chocolate bitters, and notes of cherry. The lush, well balanced drink is pretty much dessert in a cup and comes served with clotted cream on the side. Quite an ingenious way to reinvent after-dinner coffee. 

If you're down with a group of friends, you'll be glad to know The Powder Room offers group serves, and The Flying Swan is a wise choice. Served in an absinthe fountain, its pale pink colour is enough to entice. It's a combination of gin, vodka and Fino sherry, topped off with a peach and lychee purée. It's light, floral, and fruity: the perfect drink to kick-start some midweek mayhem. 

Try these cocktails at The Powder Room. 19 Cecil Street. Tel: 8181 3305