Nespresso Vertuo Plus review: A smart coffee machine for bigger cups

Nespresso Vertuo Plus review: A smart coffee machine for bigger cups

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Text: Janice Sim

The home brewing inclination has been steeping for a while now — ever since coffee machines simplified the process, and recently more amplified after those couple of months in isolation. Nespresso might have had a headstart in its arsenal of performative machines, but it sure isn't resting on any laurels — now with a brand new product launch and technology in place.

Meet Nespresso Vertuo Plus, a machine grounded on an all-new brewing system to chasten the process of instant coffee. Yes, believe it or not, there's actually an easier way to go about our capsule mornings. Starting with one single button, which is all there is on this machine. Simply because this revolutionary device abides by a patented Centrifusion technology, hence able to scan and identify the capsule inserted that has a barcode within. From here, the extraction and brewing parameters based off the capsule, are configured —from length of infusion, temperature, the amount of water, speed of rotation, and down to the flow rate, which is entirely left up to the machine.


To mark a new milestone, Vertuo also stands as Nespresso's foray into bigger cup sizes, of course that also means larger capsules, with the biggest size (Alto) churning out 414ml of coffee. The capsules dribble down to smaller fills like 230ml, 150ml, and the smallest, 40ml that falls under Espresso blends. This also means, you can't actually use your old, smaller Nespresso capsules for this machine. What's cool is that, you can customise the amount that you want according to each flavour. If not, the machine would go by its default calibration.


And while the one-button interface is seemingly a no-brainer for most people, the lack of other buttons and light indications does make it a little hard to figure out if the machine isn't responding or simply just taking a while to boot up. To which, it does require about a minute from the state of it being in off-mode to react once the single button is pressed. Another user gripe? The button's haptic feedback, where one can be unsure if your button press was registered. This led to us pressing down multiple times, which although eventually did get us our brew, but not without mild uncertainty.

That being said, this single button stood up to the tall order of well-bodied coffees, each aligned with a silky rich crema (the most well-balanced ones we've savoured from the brand), while doing so without that loud buzzing noise that most machines generate. The coffees are also alarmingly huge, which happens to be the most ideal situation any aficionado can have at home.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus is available in colours of White, Cherry Red, Piano Black, and Titan. It is priced at $368 and $438 (for a bundle inclusive of Aeroccino3 Milk Frother).

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