Toasting to the launch of Nespresso's latest boutique at Raffles City Shopping Centre

Toasting to the launch of Nespresso's latest boutique at Raffles City Shopping Centre

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Text: Denise Kok

Caffeine-fuelled nibbles and libations make for a house-warming party like no other

If anyone knows his drinks, it's Michael Callahan. You can count on the founding bartender of 28 HongKong Street—one of the top cocktail boltholes in the world—to raise the bar with his well-balanced cocktails that don't require the aid of either jigger or pony. As it turns out, he's equally adept at turning out newfangled coffee beverages that infuse an intriging mix of familiar, local flavours.

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Take for example Cococrema, a caffeine-fuelled concoction he created specially for the launch of Nespresso's new boutique at Raffles City Shopping Centre. Last Friday, guests at the launch party counted themselves amongst the lucky few to enjoy a first sip of Callahan's latest creation. It begins with combining coconut cream and cold fresh milk in the Aeroccino to form a light, velvety foam that smells like every bit like a lazy, beach holiday. Honey water is then added to the mixture before a drop of toasted white sesame oil and pinch of sea salt is introduced.


The stage is now set for the backbone of the drink — an espresso shot of Nespresso's pure origin Grand Cru, Indriya from India. This particular brew scores a bracing 10 on the intensity scale, but the bold nature of the coffee pairs beautifully with the richness of coconut cream. The unusual inclusion of sesame oil gives the drink a smooth, nutty note while the pinch of salt intensifies the rich bouquet of flavours coming together in the cup. But that's not all. Callahan finishes the masterpiece with a dusting of cinnamon and paprika, introducing an unexpected touch of spice to tease the local palate.

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As they sipped on coffee-inspired drinks, guests were also treated to a slew of inventive nibbles by Anti:Dote as they made their way around the new store. Think rich, lollipop-sized foie gras spheres slicked with a coffee glaze and chocolate morsels amped up with coffee bitters made from Nespresso coffee. 

Crooner Vanessa "Vandetta" Fernandez (whom you might remember from this episode of Buro Backseat), set the aural agenda for the evening, masterfully stringing together a playlist showcasing some of Singapore's top music talent. Tunes from local electronic musician Jasmine Sokko got the crowd grooving while indie darlings Charlie Lim and Linying laid down more mellow vibes to sway to. 

Besides toasting to the opening of the new boutique, guests at the party found even more reason to celebrate. The happy news? Nespresso's entire stable of 24 Grand Cru coffees is now available at a reduced price. If you're a Nespresso Club Member, you would have probably noticed the new prices reflected in the online storeFor example, the capsules from the Espresso series, are now priced at $6.80 compared to the original price of $9.10. Those who enjoy the flavoured coffees from the Variations series can bring home a sleeve for $8.20 instead of $11.50. Given the revised price tag, a cup of Nespresso coffee costs even less than a cup of kopi-O from your favourite coffeeshop. We'll drink to that!

For the month of November, drop by Nespresso's latest boutique at Raffles City Shopping Centre (#01-16, 252 North Bridge Road) to enjoy a complimentary cup of Cococrema. To find out more about Nespresso, click here