Wee Teng Wen's favourite dining spots

Wee Teng Wen's favourite dining spots

Because F&B insiders know best

Text: Amelia Chia Denise Kok

Image: Portrait of Wee Teng Wen by Rebecca Toh

Wee Teng Wen, founder of The Lo & Behold Group, talks heritage restaurants, guilty pleasures, and his go-to dining spots in Singapore

These days, I'm busy with opening Straits Clan, a new-generation private members' club which focuses on bringing together a dynamic and diverse community, and launching Le Bon Funk, a natural wine bar that is set to breathe fresh funk into Singapore's wine landscape.

A hawker stall I would queue for is Teochew Fish Ball Noodle at Block 462, Crawford Lane.

I'm a regular at Otowa at Orchard Plaza (also a favourite spot for Chef Travis Masiero). There is no place that does chicken yakitori better in Singapore. Their ramen-style quail egg is also truly addictive.

When I need to eat clean, I head to Grain Traders. But as a group, no one does clean food like COMO Hotels & Resorts. It's healthy, wholesome, and always tasty.

Healthful offerings at Grain Traders

My guilty pleasure is KFC, the original celebrity chef. I like mine original, never crispy.

A restaurant that's great for big groups is The Naked Finn.

My go-to supper spot is Bedok Block 85 Bak Chor Mee.

The best place to get a meal with seafood is Chin Huat at Sunset Way. Forget chilli crab, try their Sri Lankan crabs cooked in their signature golden pumpkin sauce.

For special occasions, I head to wherever Julien Royer is cooking.

My all-time favourite restaurant is Prune in New York.

For weekend brunch with friends, I like Artichoke or some really good nasi lemak. 

A heritage restaurant I hope will never disappear is The White Rabbit. It was the first restaurant we opened and the elegant setting as well as devotion to classic cuisine makes it a timeless dining destination. I do hope to bring my grandkids there one day.

The White Rabbit

I grew up eating at my school canteen, where $1 would get you happiness in the form of a chicken wing, three fish balls and an Eskimo Pie.

My favourite bar is Loof with its 'dude-sin' bites and cocktails inspired by local flavours.

For dining with family, it's popiah at home following my grandmother's heavily guarded Hokkien recipe using seaweed she handcarries from Xiamen — home of the original popiah.

For coffee, I head to no particular place as I prefer tea, and it is best had at Tea Bone Zen Mind.

My favourite farm in Singapore is Bollywood Veggies for the fresh aloe vera dessert.

loof bar

The food scene in Singapore is diverse, unlike anywhere else in the world, and incredibly exciting.

The country that has the best food scene is Singapore because of the astounding breadth and depth of international cuisine that is available here alongside our own local culinary genius.

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