Mooncakes and tea: How to master that perfect pairing with improved health benefits

Mooncakes and tea: How to master that perfect pairing with improved health benefits

Yin and yang

Text: Janice Sim

There’s a cup of tea out there for every mooncake

As with every enjoyable treat, there has to be some sort of balance. With mooncake season hot on our heels, that balance boils down to a cup of comforting tea. And contrary to what you might think, one cup doesn't necessarily fit all — especially when there's a plethora of mooncakes in different shapes, colours and fillings. On that note, Eu Yan Sang recommends the perfect tea pairing that can clear your palate, tackle bloating, and support digestion as you greedily reach for your fourth slice. 

Mooncake fillings with egg yolks and nuts
Go for: Oolong tea

Mooncake fillings with egg yolk and nuts can be rather dense in texture and rich in flavour, which can lead to discomfort if we overeat. To combat that, sip on some warm oolong tea to refresh the palate, cut through the richness and aid in digestion.  

Mooncake and tea

Mooncakes with lotus seed paste fillings
Go for: Pu'er tea

Love lotus seed paste? We don't blame you. However, it does tend to lean on the greasier side. Drinking Pu'er helps to remove toxins from the body, break down fat content, reduce your cholesterol, and promote blood circulation. 

Mooncakes Tea

Mooncakes that are tea-flavoured
Go for: Jasmine tea

Tea pairs well with tea — it's that simple. Whether it's a snowskin matcha green tea or black tea infused mooncakes, the classic jasmine tea is your best bet. Health benefits include regulating glucose and soothing your nerves. 

Mooncakes tea

Mooncakes after mooncakes
Go for: Wild ginseng tea

If mooncakes are your weakness, you need something stronger to combat the incessant binging. A fresh pot of wild ginseng will revitalise and energise your body, as well as replenish your fluids at the same time. 

Mooncakes Tea

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